Aerix Black Talon Racing Drone

I think the awesomeness of drones is something that we can all agree upon and there is a noticeable increase in the number of people using their drones for adrenaline packed racing events and, if you’re looking to get into this enthralling pursuit, the Aerix Black Talon Racing Drone is almost certainly the perfect place to start.

The Aerix Black Talon Racing Drone comes with everything you need to get into drone racing right out of the box and the sleek, stylish design will make sure your contraption is one of the coolest in the race. This cracking little bit of tech boasts plenty of features that make it ideally suited to beginners – most notably, the Altitude Hold feature, which removes the constant requirement for manually maintaining altitude, leaving you more time to focus on directional and rotational movements.

It has impressive specifications going on under the hood as well because the Aerix Black Talon Racing Drone is capable of streaming live video in 720p via a 5.8GHz transmission to the wireless, rechargeable monitor. Check out a few more shots below:

Black Talon Hand






We’re growing ever more impressed with the quality and affordability of drones here at The Coolector and the Aerix Black Talon very much looks to be the best choice for those looking to work their way into the world of drone racing. Technologically superior, lightweight and boasting an abundance of awesome features, it’s little wonder the Black Talon is causing a bit of a stir and you can preorder your own right now.

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