AeroSkull HD

If you’ve grown weary of your mundane music device, you’re in luck because we here at Coolector HQ have just stumbled across a mightily spiffing device that goes by the name of AeroSkull HD from Jarre Technologies. This striking and stylish number will certainly ramp up the visual appeal of a room and offers top of the range audio performance to boot so it’s a win-win situation all round.

Jarre Technologies are a Berlin based brand founded by electronic music pioneer, Jean Michael Jarre, with the intention of creating the various best in contemporary and ergonomic music devices of which the AeroSkull HD is unquestionably our favourite here at The Coolector. It is technologically advanced beast that boasts plenty of impressive features which includes compatibility with all devices with a lightning connector, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity and available in 11 different colours. You can check out these awesome looking speakers below and prepare to want to make it your music device of choice in 2014:

_2_3 aeroskullboxes all

Though they may remind you terribly of the abominable Indiana Jones film, you shouldn’t hold that against them and we’re sure that the AeroSkull HD will be one of the must have music devices of 2014.

Price: €400

Available: Jarre Technologies

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