Aether TROMSØ Jacket

Winter is approaching at breakneck speed and, here in the UK in particular, it is getting brutally cold and this, of course, means it’s time to start thinking about jackets that are going to do the business over the next few months. With this in mind, it’s impossible to ignore this robust looking offering that goes by the name of the TROMSØ Jacket from Aether and, if looks are anything to go by, it’s going to keep you might snug this winter.


Aether are one of our favourite fashion and accessories brands here at The Coolector and they consistently impress us with the quality of their wares. Their jackets are especially note-worthy and the TROMSØ hits the high notes in both the style and functionality departments and will leave the weather hitting a brick wall (metaphorically) when it tries to batter you over the coming days and months.

Scandinavian Style

Named after Norway’s capital city in the north of the country, which is renowned for just how cold it gets in the depths of winter, the TROMSØ Jacket from Aether is aptly named given that it is built from the ground up with the very intention of keeping the elements at bay and you warm and comfortable.


This first class jacket is overloaded with features which will make it the perfect choice for the impending winter months and the fact it is wind-resistant, breathable, water-proof and seam sealed is the ideal place to start when considering how its going to keep you protected.

Available in a number of different colours, the Aether TROMSØ Jacket is your first line of defence against winter’s worst weather and it boasts a rib knit at the collar and cuffs; two-way centre-front zipper; zippered chest, hand, and back pockets; not to mention, an interior pocket which houses an inconspicuous audio valve that makes it possible to take your music on the go with you.

Banish Winter Blues

Truth be told, there are few feeling worse than having to get out of bed in the morning and heading out into whatever snow storm or torrential downpour mother nature has got in store that day but with a jacket as resilient and robust as the Aether TROMSØ, this instantly becomes much less of an issue because you know you’re not going to feel winter’s biting cold.


Tested in the most relentless terrains and weather conditions, you needn’t have any concerns about whether or not the TROMSØ Jacket from Aether is going to leave you high and dry this winter. It’s definitely going to leave you dry courtesy of the great materials used in its construction and for any man on the hunt for their next piece of essential outerwear, then this is definitely it.

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