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We’ve written about a fair few stone based products here on the pages of The Coolector but might just come across our first timepiece crafted from the material in the form of this fantastic Kickstarter project. The Aggregate Masonic Watch is, as the name more than alludes to, a premium design watch which has been carefully crafted from durable, lightweight concrete for a visual impact quite unlike anything else out there.

The Aggregate Masonic Watch has an aesthetic entirely of its own and will definitely appeal to those timepiece aficionados who like to get something a little different on their wrist from time to time. This cracking accessory which is funding on Kickstarter from today has come to fruition from a shared passion for thoughtful design and well-made wares and the quality will be tangible from the minute you slip this eye-catching timepiece upon your wrist.

Dare To Be Different

Even the casual observer of the watch industry today will be only too aware of the sheer number of generic, samey watches that are on the market and it should be applauded when a watchmaker dares to be different and strives to craft a timepiece that will stand out in a sea of mediocrity. The Aggregate Masonic Watch is one such timepiece and it uses advanced engineering and meticulously detailed design to deliver an accessory that will blow your mind from an aesthetic perspective and score style points aplenty on the wrist.

With a spectacular bespoke design, which ensures its different from anything else on the market, these super cool Aggregate Masonic Watches are likely to be the latest example of a timepiece taking Kickstarter by storm and we’re loving their look and feel here at The Coolector. Through the formulation of a proprietary concrete blend and some complex, precision engineering, the team behind these excellent watches have been able to produce an accessory that doesn’t just look incredible, it also will set you apart from the crowd because of just how eye-catching it is visually.

There are plenty of great features alongside the unusual choice of materials with these Masonic Watches from Aggregate that will ensure that the performance is second to none as well and these include a Miyota 203A Quartz Movement, stainless steel casing, concrete bezel and top grain leather straps. Top of the range materials join innovative design to make this a real must have watch in our opinion.

Solid Foundations 

Whilst concrete might not seem like an obvious choice of material for a watch, you really should reserve judgement until you see how cool and industrial these superb Aggregate Masonic Watches are. With an unusual, tactile quality to the touch, these watches look and feel like nothing else on the market and the good news keeps on coming because you’re able to pick them up for an extraordinary price (under $150) over on Kickstarter now.

We applaud those brands that dare to be different here at The Coolector and you can certainly put Aggregate Masonic Watches into that category with their striking, well-crafted and unbelievably affordable selection of watches. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen and want to get a watch with a bit of substance on your wrist, head on over to Kickstarter now.

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