Air Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones

The best way to ring in the new year here at The Coolector? With a pair of brand new wireless headphones for the newly headphone jack-less iPhone 7. The removal of the treasured port proved sorrowful for many, but we like to look at a situation like this as an opportunity to sport some brand new technology.

And while the Air Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones don’t ship until April of this year, now is as good a time as ever to start salivating and getting mighty excited about their mighty impressive looking capabilities.

Lookin’ Sharp

Conceived and designed by the team over at crazybaby, the Air is the third in a line of products built with the minimalist, Apple-esque design cues that can catch anyone’s eye. Beyond its sleek aesthetic, though, is a set of standout material choices and functionality the company claims makes the Air Hi-Fi Headphones as capable as headphones nine times the price.

It’s hard to miss the fact that the Air possess a certain shimmer. That’s because it’s the first set of headphones made with carbon nanotube technology, which allows the Air to boast a clean, ergonomic design while still looking and sounding fantastic. Customised ear tips created from crazybaby’s in-depth molding process ensure snug fits for any ear, along with Sport Sleeve accessories and water resistance that outfit the Air for strenuous exercise.

Long Lasting Flexibility

Despite its wireless nature, the Air’s battery is a marvel. The company claims 15+ hours of continuous playback, which is more than enough for a full day of jamming out to all your playlists.

For more flexibility, a fast charging option lets users juice up for three hours, perfect for using its noise-isolating microphone to talk with friends, loved ones, and colleagues or with Amazon’s Dot virtual assistant feature set to make the day that much easier.

Hear The Difference

None of this means a single thing if the Air’s sound quality isn’t up to par. In that respect, its nanotube construction and embedded 5.2mm ultra-thin speaker result in audio quality similar to those of headphones a few price points above it.

Combined with the super fast Bluetooth 4.2 standard and a companion smartphone app for the perfect EQ for any song, and the Air Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones seem to be the perfect addition to an audiophile’s — and The Coolector’s — headphone collection. (And a great alternative to Apple’s shoddy-looking AirPods, to boot.)

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