Airtame Wireless Streaming

Whether it’s at home or in your office, one of the biggest annoyances when it comes to technology is all the cables that you have to tackle on a daily basis and, it goes without saying, that the best form of cable management would be having no cables to manage. Well, that’s certainly the mindset of Airtame and their fantastic wireless streaming device which is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but will make a big impact in your workplace productivity for the amazing price of just $299.

The Airtame Wireless Streaming Device is, put simply, the easiest way to wirelessly display any type of content from more or less any device on bigger screens. It really is so simple to set up and use and entails plugging it into a screen and connecting it to the Airtame app and kissing the cable clutter goodbye. We love technology that makes your life easier here at Coolector HQ and so far as streaming effortlessly, the Airtame is definitely one of the best in the business.

Versatile Performance

When it comes to quickly and efficiently streaming content in the workplace, most offices don’t have something that’s grab and go and will instead do battle with endless cables when trying to stream the content from their laptop to a bigger screen. Airtame is a godsend in this regard and will make tech troubles and messy cables a thing of the past. It offers full screen mirroring, meaning you’re free to share your work from all major platforms. And all those cables cluttering your table? You can wave goodbye to those.

One of the best benefits of the Airtame Wireless Streaming Device is the fact that it will let you present on the go and at the drop of the hat because it works effortlessly without the need for cables – it has real plug and play functionality. It comes with its own presentation app so you can show slides from your mobile devices. Or try AirPlay iOS mirroring to share your entire screen from your iPad or iPhone. Airtame is also ideally suited to larger scale presentations because you can share one computer screen to multiple Airtame devices which is perfect for large auditoriums using more than one display screen.

You can manage all your Airtame devices from the Cloud and it is this remote management that lets you manage and monitor devices without leaving your chair and makes it a perfect piece of technology for businesses both big and small. The Airtame has ethernet support, and flexible powering with the included AC adapter or directly from your TV with the micro USB cable and with the free updates, you get new features as soon as they develop them, like a portable app that’s on their not-so-secret roadmap.

So Many Uses

What really sets the Airtame apart is its magnificent functionality and versatility and it has such an abundance of usages. You can present wirelessly, use it in digital signage displays, in an educational environment or IT centric offices and this small but perfectly formed accessory will become a mainstay of your tech needs because of just how easy it makes presenting content without the need for messy and problematic cables between devices.

With a price tag of just $299, the Airtame represents great value for money for any fast paced office or education environment where streaming content is a day to day requirement. Technologically superior and versatile as it gets, it’s easy to see why Airtame are rapidly becoming the go to brand for those seeking the ultimate in wireless streaming technology.

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