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Smartphones today are mighty impressive devices packed to the rafters with eye-catching capabilities and features but there is one area in which few have strived to differentiate themselves and that is in terms of visuals and aesthetics. Well, one designer is well and truly endeavouring to put paid to this with the Alo Phone which, quite frankly, looks like something from Men In Black rather than any conventional smartphones available on the market today – which is obviously a good thing.

The Alo Phone is certainly a departure from traditional smartphone design and whilst it is only a concept – the brainchild of industrial designer, Jerome Olivet – it has certainly captured our imagination here at Coolector HQ and got us wanting a bit more diversity within the smartphone market from an aesthetics point of view.

Design & Technology Meet

This concept design from Jerome Olivet is definitely one of the more unusual and striking pieces of design that you’ll encounter in 2017 and the Alo Phone boasts an aluminium unibody that is wrapped in a natural resin for the impeccably eye-catching finish that you see before you. Doing away with the screen that has become a mainstay of smartphones for years now, the Alo Phone dares to do things differently and ploughs its own furrow from an aesthetic point of view.

If you’re the sort that likes to make your mark with your choice of accessories and technology, the Alo Phone will unquestionably be right up your street and for lovers of modern, futuristic design, it ticks all of the right boxes. This superbly conceived construct has a dual camera, high speed charge functionality and vocal high technology and the design is based upon making the phone an indispensable part of your daily routine but one that doesn’t interfere with it at all.

There are an awful lot of impressive features that Jerome Olivet proposes be built into the Alo Phone including high performance speech recognition and Artificial Intelligence that is capable of self learning and becoming attuned to your voice and lifestyle. What this essentially means is that the more you talk to the device, the more it will understand your language and responds to your calls.

Unparalleled Visuals

Equipped with a moulded aluminium alloy technology core, giving it a lightweight feel and considerable durability, the fantastically designed Alo Phone is covered with a gelatinous, supple and natural finish that provides an unparalleled visual appeal and extremely impressive ergonomics that sees it fit perfectly in your hand.

Whilst we’re aware the Alo Phone is a concept design and may never make it onto the shelves of your local phone shop, it’s hard not to be impressed with the cracking idea conceived by Jerome Olivet and we’re sure there will be plenty of tech lovers out there joining us in hoping this concept does one day become a reality.

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