Alon Dodo Patch Match 33 Dining Table

When it comes to pieces of furniture for the home, few items are more important to get right than your choice of dining table because this will tie the room together aesthetically and provide the surface from which you’ll be eating the majority of your meals. Alon Dodo Modern Organic Furniture Design is invariably one of our first ports of call here at Coolector HQ when on the hunt for awesome pieces of furniture and they’ve delivered once again with this superb looking Patch Match 33 Dining Table.

The Patch Match 33 Dining Table from Alon Dodo is, as the name may suggest, somewhat of a mishmash of design principles and materials which have been expertly combined to deliver one of the most stylish, functional and striking pieces of designer furniture that you’re likely to encounter. If you’re on the hunt for a new dining table, this would be sitting pretty high on our list here at The Coolector.

Wine & Dine

Quality design like the mesmerisingly stylish furniture from Alon Dodo is something to be applauded and each creation that emerges from his workshop is a real sight to behold and that’s especially true of the eye-catching and wonderfully versatile Patch Match 33 Dining Table. Robust, sturdy and stylish, this first rate piece of designer furniture will easily fit in with the interior design endeavours of any contemporary home and add to the aesthetic charm of the room considerably.

Boasting what, on the surface of it, appear to be conflicting woods, this amazing Patch Match 33 Dining Table from Alon Dodo doesn’t do things by halves and packs a real visual punch that puts it in a league of its own in the looks department. If you’re the sort that likes the unconventional when it comes to interior design, all the pieces from Alon Dodo are likely to strike a chord with you but few more so than this sublimely crafted and finished dining table.

Furniture is a very subjective thing from a design point of view and not everyone is going to like the same sorts of styles but such is the diversity of products from Alon Dodo, chances are you’re going to find something that resonates with the look you’re wanting to achieve in your home amongst his many pieces of designer furniture. This Patch Match 33 Dining Table definitely leans towards the more striking end of the spectrum so far as furniture is concerned and that’s what we’re loving about it here at Coolector HQ.

Quality Craft

Some pieces of furniture are simply a cut above in terms of the quality of the craftsmanship and the calibre of materials used and this is entirely evident with this Patch Match 33 Dining Table from Alon Dodo. Visually unparalleled and incredibly versatile in design, this is the sort of quality furniture we’ve come to expect from Dodo here at Coolector HQ and it never ceases to amaze us how frequently he manages to deliver stunning new pieces of furniture onto the market.

Fine furniture like this will always appeal to our sensibilities here at The Coolector and for any homeowner who demands nothing but the best and something that stands out from the crowd, this Patch Match 33 Dining Table more than fits the bill. Exceptionally well crafted from the finest materials, we’re loving the look and feel of the piece and can’t wait to see what else comes out of the Dodo design studio in the rest of 2017 and beyond.

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