Alpaka Gear HUB Magnetic Organiser

We don’t know about you but keeping our workspace free of all sorts of EDC and other bits and pieces is invariably easier said than done so we always welcome clever pieces of design that help free up space on our desk and, in doing so, help make us more creative and productive. Enter the Alpaka Gear HUB Magnetic Organiser which is funding over on Kickstarter now and, in our humble opinion, is a bit of a minimalist masterpiece.

The Alpaka Gear HUB Magnetic Organiser on Kickstarter is available for the great price of just $16 during the campaign and, given how successful it has been on the crowdfunding platform, it looks like we’re not alone in wanting to add this to our workspace. The HUB allows you to keep everything you need in one convenient place. Declutter your life and quickly store your everyday carry in style. Slim. Modular. Magnetic. What’s not to like?

Minimalistic Marvel

It’s not just your workspace that the HUB from Alpaka Gear will help to declutter – it can be deployed pretty much anywhere in the home and it is this sort of versatility which has made it such a popular product over on Kickstarter. This minimal, magnetic ecosystem to keep everything in one place is cleverly designed to ensure it doesn’t stand out but offers the sort of functional performance that sets it apart from the competition.

The Alpaka Gear HUB Magnetic Organiser (from $16) has been purpose built and engineered for those that want a cleaner, more efficient space. It’s a cleverer way to carry your keys and other EDC items. The slim form factor of the HUB ModPanel holds everything together and takes up almost no space at all. Its elegant and contemporary aesthetic will look the part in your apartment/house wall or your desk. It’s the perfect solution to never losing your keys again.

Keeping everything in one, convenient place means no more rummaging for keys or wondering where you left your wallet. You can place the HUB from Alpaka by your front door and everything will be ready and waiting when you head out each morning. Just attach your magnetic Mods to the low-profile HUB ModPanel and this will ensure your keys and essentials are kept nicely organised day in, day out. 

Grab & Go Functionality

It’s the simplicity of the HUB from Alpaka Gear that we really appreciate here at Coolector HQ. It’s a fantastic time saver for those living a hectic lifestyle. Get out the door faster. Grab the mods off the HUB ModPanel in a second and you’ll be on your way. No more searching for your items. Simply grab them off the ModPanel attach them to the magnetic HUB Clip.

At a mere $16, you’ll be getting the ultimate in organisation for your home or workspace with this HUB Magnetic Organiser from Alpaka on Kickstarter. The modular design ramps up its versatility considerably and you can add features such as the HUB Cardholder and Sanitiser Holder Mods which will be valuable additions to your collection and Alpaka will be releasing several useful mods in the near future. Like what you see? Move quick because the HUB is into its last day of funding on Kickstarter.

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