Dango Capsule Wide

EDC is going to be increasingly important when this lockdown comes to an end and you want to keep all your essentials close to hand. With this in mind, you won’t be surprised to hear we’ve had our heads turned by the awesome looking Dango Capsule Wide here at Coolector HQ. This small but perfectly formed accessory for your EDC line up is a new addition to Dango’s popular Capsule family. And probably their most versatile to date.

The Dango Capsule Wide is available for the mighty reasonable price tag of just $39 and, considering the immense versatility that it has to offer, this represents excellent value for money. This classy little accessory from one of our favourite gear brands, Dango, is designed to organise and protect your small EDC for all your day to day adventures post-lockdown.

Unparalleled Functionality

This food-safe, water proof Capsule Wide from Dango has more than enough storage capacity to carry a wide variety of items which includes coins, cash, pills, a small first-aid kit, data cards, mints, essential creams, fishing bait, pellets and many other small pieces of EDC that you may want close to hand on a daily basis. And with the Capsule Wide, you’ll be carrying them in considerable style.

The Dango Capsule Wide ($39) is another first class addition to Dango’s line up of wallets and accessories and for those seeking new pieces for their EDC collection for after the lockdown is lifted, this would be one of our top picks here at Coolector HQ. It is capable of carrying two regular size capsules within and has a removable clip which is included to offer mounting options for your belt, pant pocket and backpack straps.

Not only that, the Dango Wide Capsule offers the ideal ally to your other EDC as the loop hole makes a superb mounting point for tethering key rings, paracords, lanyards and clips. We love the versatility of the wares from Dango here at The Coolector and this offering is certainly one of their most functional, stealthy and stylish to date in our opinion.

Fantastic Features

Made in the USA, there really is a tangible feel of quality to this Dango Capsule Wide which is likely to make it a mainstay of your everyday carry line up for years to come. It is water proof and has a twist top for easy access to your possessions stored within. Each one is machined from 6061 aerospace grade aluminium which is both lightweight but robust and will stand up to any adventures you find yourself on.

The price tag of $39 is a mighty pleasing one for such a feature-packed and versatile piece of EDC and it isn’t difficult to see why the Capsule Wide is positively flying off Dango’s digital shelves. This classy accessory will come in mighty handy on a daily basis and we will certainly be adding one to our own post-lockdown line up here at Coolector HQ.

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