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It’s difficult to know the current state of affairs for smartwatches truth be told because, needless to say, there was a huge fanfare surrounding the release of the AppleWatch and it was expected to unleash the floodgates of other smartwatches onto the market but this hasn’t really transpired – at least not to the quality we were anticipating here at Coolector HQ. That being said, there are still some genuinely excellent offerings making their way onto the market, of which we’ve seen few better than the brilliant looking AlpinaX Smartwatch from respected Swiss watchmakers, Alpina.

The AlpinaX Smartwatch on Kickstarter is described as the ideal mix of Alpina Heritage and Modernism which has created the world’s most eye-catching, functional and stylish outdoors smartwatch. Alpina have a lofty reputation in the world of watchmaking so when they make a smartwatch, we’re inevitably going to sit up and take notice here at Coolector HQ especially when its as aesthetically pleasing and technologically competent as the AlpinaX.

Smart & Stylish

Impressive from top to bottom the AlpinaX Smartwatch is powered by a quintuple sensor technology and the watchmaker is actually using Kickstarter to let consumers help influence the design and specifications of the watch. You can design your AlpinerX from 3200 colour variations with the Watch Configurator and really make the finished product your own and unique to your wrist. There is a lot going on under the hood of the AlpinaX and it uses advanced measurement functions from multiple sensors which include UV, temperature, altitude, pressure, meteo, motion and direction.

The AlpinaX Smartwatch has taken Kickstarter by storm and some of the stand out features that help set this accessory apart from other smartwatches on the market include the fact it has a real dial and hands, the world’s first UV sensor in a watch and a two year battery life which means you won’t be recharging it on a daily basis like your other smartwatches. This makes it the perfect combination of smart watch technology combined with Alpina’s watchmaking heritage to deliver the best of both worlds.

Built for both watch lovers and the technology inclined, the AlpinaX Smartwatch will let you appreciate the aesthetics and the craftsmanship at the heart of Swiss watchmaking, and finishes off the look with a classic yet contemporary, sporty smartwatch that will appeal to those with a love of all things gadget related. It has loads of cool tech features including a dynamic coach, activity tracking, sleep analysis and GPS tracking to name but a few.

Excellent App Technology 

No smartphone today is complete without an accompanying app and the AlpinaX Smartwatch has an absolute belter. It gives you full control over the controls and measurements of your smartwatch and provides engaging readouts and data on your smartphone to help ensure that you really do get the most out of the capabilities of this first class creation from the guys at Alpina.

If you fancy getting your hands on one of these excellent looking smartwatches from Alpina, you don’t have much longer left to pick it up for the bargain price on Kickstarter with only just over two days left of the campaign. Affordable, stylish and perfectly blending traditional watchmaking with technological superiority, this might just be the smartwatch to beat in 2018.

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