Amber Share Subpar Parks Prints

America’s National Parks are, without doubt, some of the world’s most breathtaking areas of national beauty but, it appears, not everyone feels that way and illustrator and graphic designer, Amber Share, has captured some of the one star reviews of said National Parks and turned them into these awesome looking Subpar Parks Prints that will add a comical edge to your workspace and likely cause double takes aplenty.

Amber Share has a deep love of typography and a degree in graphic design and advertising alongside extensive training in hand lettering and calligraphy. She has worked with big and small businesses to make their visions come to life for over a decade but it is these excellent looking Subpar Parks Prints that have well and truly caught our eye here at Coolector HQ and if you’re after some ace new artwork for your home or office, look no further.

Looks Nothing Like The Licence Plate

It’s funny to believe that people can encounter the likes of Yosemite, Yellowstone and Joshua Tree National Parks and be anything less than mesmerised but having trawled through online reviews, Amber Share has cherry-picked some of the most comical observations about these parks and turned them into 8×10″ prints which you’re sure to appreciate if you’re after some tongue-in-cheek artwork for your workspace.

The Amber Share Subpar Parks Prints are mighty reasonably priced and cost just $16 or $200 for a pack of all 14 parks. The set includes the likes of Grand Teton, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Great Smokey Mountains to name but a few. These National Parks are well-known for their stunning vistas but clearly this isn’t a mindset shared by those leaving these one-star reviews online.

Some of the funniest one-star reviews that have been captured by these Amber Share Subpar Parks Prints include ‘Ugliest Place I’ve Ever Seen‘ for Death Valley National Park, ‘All I Saw Was a Mountain, a Lake and Some Trees‘ for Grand Teton National Park and ‘No Cell Service and Terrible Wi-Fi‘ for Isle Royale National Park.

Pop of Colour

These top notch Subpar Parks Prints from Amber Share will add a pop of colour and comedy to your workspace and we’re big fans of their typography inspired aesthetic here at Coolector HQ. These are the perfect gift for the national parks lover in your life and new National Parks will be added to the line up soon.

Printed on acid free fine art paper using archival quality inks, there is a tangible sense of quality to these Subpar Parks Prints from Amber Share and a minimum of 5% of all profits from these products will go to the National Parks Foundation, to support the preservation of the incredible parks this project features.

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