Analogue Mega SG

So far as retro style video games with a contemporary edge are concerned, there are few out there doing things better than the guys at Analogue and their last vintage style console, the Mega SG, is definitely going to appeal to those hankering for the golden age of gaming. The Mega SG from Analogue costs just $189 and delivers so much retro gaming awesomeness that it would be mad not to put this on your wish-list if you’ve got a love for old school game classics.

The Analogue Mega SG is a stand out offering and they set out to design the definitive way to explore Sega’s 16-bit and 8-bit era. This first class console is a reimagining of the underdog that led a 16-bit revolution back in the day and it has been engineered with an FPGA which means no emulation at 1080p with zero lag. This is no “plug n play” toy, the Mega SG from Analogue is compatible with the 2,180+ Sega Genesis, Mega Drive and Master System game cartridge library so you’re certainly not going to be short of games to play.

Golden Age of Gaming

With the Mega SG from Analogue lets you explore and re-live one of the finest video game systems of all time with no compromises and if you miss all the classics from your SEGA Megadrive then you’ll want one of these retro consoles in your life. It uses the most advanced retro-gaming video upscaling on the planet and no other game system out there is quite like this from Analogue. Each and every pixel is razor sharp with accurate, stunning colours and, crucially, true lagless video output for the smoothest gaming on the market.

Highly functional, the Analogue Mega SG will plug directly into your original Sega CD & Mega CD with it’s edge connector, which is concealed behind an expansion door, just like on the the original for that extra touch of authenticity. But now you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite classic games in spectacular, lag free 1080p. This means that you can finally play Sega wirelessly and lag-free with 8BitDo’s high quality retro M30 controller. Analogue have partnered up with 8BitDo to offer matching controllers for Mega Sg, including a wireless 2.4g receiver.

The Analogue Mega SG is a reference quality video game system that boasts reference quality control. It offers aspect ratio preservation, multiple video resolutions, scan-lines, scalers and more to ensure that the quality of the gaming on offer is always second to none. Analogue believes the music on the SG should be experienced in high fidelity so it outputs the highest quality digital audio: 48KHz 16 bit stereo to make it like hearing your Megadrive for the first time.

Excellent Compatibility 

Boasting fantastic compatibility, the Analogue Mega SG uses an original-style cartridge slot and controller ports for an authentic style performance and aesthetics. Each one comes with a special made Sega Master System adapter and it even has an edge connector for the Sega CD and Mega CD. What this means is that it is compatible with the original Sega Genesis, Mega Drive and Master System game cartridges plus the original hardware and accessories.

The $189 price tag makes this an affordable choice for those looking to relive their gaming glory days and the fact that it is so compatible with your gaming library is definitely going to make it appeal. It is available in four different colourways and the core functionality of each system is engineered directly into an Altera Cyclone V, a sophisticated FPGA. Analogue have spent thousands of hours engineering each system via FPGA for a completely authentic performance.

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