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We’re rather large cameras and photography fans here at Coolector headquarters albeit more in an appreciative sense as we’re not the most accomplished behind a shutter. Our lack of photography skills doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate jaw-dropping cameras, however, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’ve seen few better than these stunning ones from Anchors & Anvils.

Another brand heralding from California (seemingly all the best brands accumulate here), Anchors & Anvils are a camera and camera accessory purveyor who boast some of the coolest looking cameras on the market right now. But what makes them so cool?

Well, sir, the fact that they offer vintage cameras which have been refurbished to look nothing short of visually astounding is what had us sold here at The Coolector and there is simply no beating the unparalleled aesthetics of the cameras of yesteryear in comparison with today’s technologically driven iterations. Wood is the principle medium of their mightily spiffing array of cameras and they don’t cost the earth so you needn’t remortgage your home to start taking snaps on a camera that looks as awesome as those from Anchors & Anvils. Check out some of their best below:






If you’re in the market for a new camera and you’re not preoccupied with having all the technological advancements that have come with today’s digital cameras, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more awesome offering than those from Anchors & Anvils.

Price: $300

Available: Anchors & Anvils

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