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We’re not really the outdoorsy types here at Coolector HQ but that is more through living and working in the urban expanse of London than through not wanting to enjoy the great outdoors. We do, however, choose to live vicariously through great looking, outdoors inspired brands and we’ve just come across another belter in the form of Juniper Ridge and their superb array of goods.

Billing their goods, somewhat brilliantly, as “mountains in a bottle”, Juniper Ridge are a California based purveyor of goods such as “backpacker’s cologne” and “cabin spray” and we here at The Coolector are definitely mightily impressed with the way in which they go about manufacturing their fantastic looking wares.

The company is founded by backpackers and hikers and this shines through in the care they exhibit in crafting their fine looking and smelling goods which will definitely offer something a little out of the ordinary. All their colognes are crafted using real plants, bark, moss and other elements that they find in the Californian forests that surround them and you can check out some of their top notch looking products below:




As you can plainly see, there is a rustic, simplistic nature to the goods of Juniper Ridge and that’s exactly the sort of aesthetic for which we typically fall here at The Coolector. Though we don’t spend as much time as we’d like out in the great outdoors, products like this make us realise just what we’re missing.

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