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After the considerable response to the Triwa smart watch we recently covered (which was merely a concept), you can imagine our delight when we saw about Android Wear, an actual smart watch in development and which, as you can see from the video above, is shaping up very nicely indeed.

We increasingly live our lives on the go and need access to information on the fly more and more and this is why Android Wear is looking like a most exciting prospect indeed and the intention is to begin rolling out wearable devices such as watches later in 2014. Interacting with your watch for directions, local stores, sports results and so much more may well be a mere matter of months away and we here at Coolector HQ are mightily excited to say the least.

Androids developers are currently working on how best to integrate their platform onto wearable devices and it’s looking like a most exciting time indeed as they begin to implement their technology into all manner of everyday devices. The Android Wear may well herald a new dawn of technological advancements and if you were impressed with the Triwa Smart Watch, this will take your excitement to a whole new level.

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We’ve been hankering after a super cool, genuinely advanced smart watch for some time here at Coolector HQ and it’s looking very much it’s coming in the form of Android Wear and, better still, it doesn’t look like we’ll have too long to wait with it set for release later this year.

We love technology here at The Coolector and love it when advancements are made and it is certainly looking like Android Wear is massive step in the right direction in terms of smart watches and, quite frankly, we can’t wait.

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