Andy Stattmiller Nesting Doll

The nesting doll is a piece of design which is extremely traditional and eye-catching but, if we’re being honest, the conventional Russian type doesn’t really do it for us and that’s why we turn to Andy Stattmiller for all our nesting doll requirements here at Coolector HQ. This incredibly talented artist puts his own twist on the world of nesting dolls by infusing them with popular culture and you’ll be treated to all your favourites including Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and, his most recent offering, Bojack Horseman.

The Andy Stattmiller Nesting Dolls are painstakingly hand painted to deliver a highly striking finished product that it’s hard not to fall in love with. Stattmiller lives and works out of San Francisco, California, and has carved a real niche for himself with these brilliantly finished Nesting Dolls which he sells via his own online store. For anyone after some eye-catching pieces for their workspace or home office, these are definitely going to tick all of the right boxes.

I’m The One Who Knocks

With so many awesome popular TV programmes and movies falling under Statmiller’s purview, it’s difficult to pick a favourite but given our immense love of the Breaking Bad show, it’s hard to look beyond Walter White et al. If, however, you’re more of a Arnie man, the Predator collection of Nesting Dolls from Stattmiller are going to resonate and the sheer attention to detail that has gone into the painting is second to none.

The Stattmiller Nesting Dolls are hand painted in acrylic on wood and will really add a colourful touch to any workspace with their vibrant finish. You’ll love these cracking pieces of design if you’ve got a soft spot for popular culture and we’re loving all the fantastic creations from the mind of Stattmiller – particular the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia offering painted on to Bud Light beer cans for an authentic drunkenness.

We love creative talents of Andy Stattmiller’s calibre here at Coolector HQ and we’re always on the hunt for bits and pieces that will look the part in our own workspace and we can think of few things more suited to this position that these superb looking Nesting Dolls. Impeccably crafted and with a highly distinctive painting style, these wonderfully customised creations are second to none and we’d love to get our hands on then Game of Thrones ones to tide us over until the final season.

Painting Perfection

Talented in the extreme, the artwork of Stattmiller is immediately recognisable and you’ll find it impossible not to be won over by the playful aesthetic of all his pieces – particularly the decidedly humorous Predator series capturing a comical likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger wonderfully well.

Great to look at and supremely well made, these Andy Stattmiller Nesting Dolls are exactly the type of art and design that we’re suckers for here at The Coolector and we can’t wait to see what other television programmes and movies come in for the Stattmiller treatment over the next few months – we’ve got our fingers crossed for a Silicon Valley and The Wire iterations.

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