Ansix Apple iPhone MagSafe Card Fanning Wallet

We’re all about streamlining our EDC here at The Coolector so when we can kill two birds with one stone, we’re all for it. Enter this Ansix Apple iPhone MagSafe Card Fanning Wallet which is funding over on Kickstarter right now and offers a great solution to the fact most of us only need to carry a handful of cards around with us. This great accessory from Ansix is a minimalist MagSafe compatible Fantom wallet with a carbon fibre finish.

Available for the great price of just £51 during the Kickstarter campaign, the Ansix Apple iPhone MagSafe Card Fanning Wallet will revolutionise your EDC line up. It is designed to pair perfectly with the MagSafe of an Apple iPhone 12 (and future versions supporting Apple MagSafe Technology) so if you’ve got one of the latest generations of the iPhone, this is the wallet solution for a streamlined carry.

More Efficient EDC

For the Fantom C, Ansix have kept the premium, all-aluminium chassis of their iconic Fantom R wallet with the tough Ceramic Coated finish. This wallet is made to last and won’t let you down wherever your adventures take you. To make it compatible with even the smallest iPhone, the iPhone 12 Mini, Ansix needed to shrink the Fantom C in virtually all dimensions. The end result is that the footprint of the wallet is just a touch larger than a standard credit card, making the Fantom C the smallest Fantom Wallet ever.

To enable this ultra-compact design, Ansix have done away with the fanning lever so that the cards are fanned manually. The Ansix Apple iPhone MagSafe Card Fanning Wallet (£51) on Kickstarter is a minimalist marvel which will ensure your pocket bulk is reduced significantly. With Apple MagSafe compatible magnets embedded into the Fantom C, this classy looking wallet can be effortlessly attached to any iPhone 12. It can also be snapped to any Apple-certified MagSafe phone cases. 

If you’re after a new wallet experience in 2021 – one that is more streamlined and efficient than ever, then this superb offering from Ansix on Kickstarter might just be the thing for you. Simple to use, you can fan out your cards for easy access the Fantom way. Quickly select the card of your choice without having to dig around in your wallet. It boasts an integrated quick-access card slot, so you can quickly grab your top card with your thumb in one swift motion.

First Class Features

The incredibly compact design of this MagSafe wallet from Ansix is its key characteristic in our opinion here at The Coolector and for any man looking to cut down their pocket bulkiness in one swift motion, this is just the accessory for the job. At just 0.31 in (8 mm) thick, you will barely even notice that the Fantom C Wallet is in your pocket and the Cerakoted aluminium chassis combines durability with unrivalled luxury.

For just £51, you can significantly enhance your EDC game in 2021 with this Ansix Fantom C MagSafe Wallet on Kickstarter and if you like the thought of a streamlined carry, it’s a real no-brainer. Functional, stylish and robust as they come, this wallet is a real triple threat. Head on over to Kickstarter now to bag yours for a bargain price.

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