Cake Kalk& Electric Bike

There are, of course, no shortage of electric bike brands on the market nowadays but there are some that are a cut above the competition – with Cake being a prime example of this. One of their most impressive steeds is their Kalk& Electric Bike which is a street legal machine that works just as well as a weekday commuter as it does as a weekend adventure machine.

The Cake Kalk& Electric Bike has a mighty reasonable price tag of €14k which, considering its versatile performance, is great value for money. With a top speed of 56MPH, this is no slouch and it has been engineered for the outback and for your daily commute. The Kalk& is the street legal sibling of its off-road precursor, the Kalk OR, and delivers a breathtaking performance day in, day out.

Unparalleled Performance

Easy charging, three ride modes, no gears – what’s not to like about the Kalk& Electric Bike from Cake. No gears are needed thanks to the progressive span of an electric motor and the throttling and braking are all there is to it – it couldn’t be simpler to ride. You can achieve up to 80% charging in just two hours and best-in-class power density and state-of-the-art motor control algorithms.

The Cake Kalk& Electric Bike (€14k) boasts a unique power to weight formula which ensures that it is capable of delivering such a compelling performance and makes it one of the best in class electric bikes in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Its powerful drivetrain is combined with a lightweight chassis and components, which gives a superior nimbleness and speed for wilderness rides and the urban commutes alike.

Adventure ready, the Kalk& boasts Öhlins suspension and dual sport motorcycle tires which helps to guarantee a great performance in all sorts of different riding scenarios. The custom designed 19″ motorcycle rims together with dual sport motorcycle tires are purpose built to meet the demands of riding on paved urban roads as well as backcountry trails.

Top Quality Workshop

Cake are one of the best in the business when it comes to making functional, top-performing electric bikes and their Kalk& iteration is one of their finest creations to date. Everything from the rims, hubs, stems to the custom Öhlins suspension is carefully engineered and dimensioned, specific for the Kalk and the new category; lightweight electric motorbikes.

The lightweight and zippy ride, with its focus on off and on trail riding means that its main character is about torque and acceleration, while delivering a quiet gliding and unforgettable experience. Courtesy of its digital pre setting, serving for three different riding modes, it will let anyone fly at their own level.

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