Anza Espresso Coffee Machine

Espresso is like rocket fuel for creativity around these here parts and though we’re inherently lazy and would rather purchase a ready made beverage, there is a certain sense of satisfaction which comes from crafting your own coffee and this will be amplified if you get your hands on one of these extraordinary pieces of design – say hello to the Anza Espresso Coffee Machine.

The Anza Espresso Coffee Machine is a means of brewing up your favourite beverage like no other and, purely from an aesthetic point of view, it is entirely beyond compare. Crafted from six core materials Рnamely, Concrete, Corian, Wood, Steel, Brass and Glass Рthese mesmerisingly stylish piece of design will elevate your interior design efforts whilst simultaneously ensuring that you get the perfect espresso every time.

Crafted Coffee

A real artisan piece of design, the Anza Espresso Coffee Machine makes use of the sort of materials that you’ll seldom find in other coffee makers on the market and, in doing so, delivers a stunning accessory that will really bring your kitchen to life in some considerable style. Born from a real love of coffee, this eye-catching machine makes use of the materials to deliver an industrial look and feel and ensures that the components are the best in the business in order to guarantee the quality of the espressos that you’ll be brewing up on it.

Bringing new life to both your kitchen counter and how you brew your espresso at home, the wonderfully well conceived and put together Anza Espresso Coffee Machine is almost a work of art as much as a method of making delicious beverages and it manages to straddle the line between the two superbly. Available in two principal materials – concrete or corian – the Anza Espresso Coffee Maker is about as striking as they come so far as kitchen appliances are concerned and if you’ve got a minimalist vibe going on in your home, this will fit in exceptionally well.

The industrial, almost neolithic style of the concrete version of the Anza Espresso Coffee Machine will appeal to those homeowners after a robust aesthetic for their interior design endeavours and the corian version delivers a much more muted and elegant style that is sure to appeal to the minimalists out there. We’re big fans of both here at Coolector HQ and regardless of which you favour, they deliver impeccable quality espresso each and every time you fire it up.

Ready, Steady, Go

Though the Anza Espresso Coffee Machine isn’t yet available to buy, it will be hitting crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, in August so, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen, we’re pleased to report you won’t have long to wait in order to get your hands on one. We know there’s a lot of people who are serious about the espressos and this cracking device will not only serve up a mouth-watering brew every time, it will look great whilst doing it.

As coffee aficionados here at The Coolector (not to mention lovers of fantastic design), this Anza Espresso Coffee Machine was always going to resonate with us and if you’re similarly enamoured with such first rate design, you’ll probably be winging your way over to Indiegogo in a few weeks time as well.

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