Vertical House

Whilst it’s fair to say most houses can claim to be vertical, not many will be quite as striking and supremely well designed as this breathtaking Vertical House from Miró Rivera Architects. Aesthetically astounding with some mighty impressive interior design features to boot, it’s easy to see why this cracking piece of architecture is turning heads aplenty and if you love contemporary design, this will unquestionably appeal to your sensibilities too.

The Vertical House by Miró Rivera Architects is a multi-award winning piece of architecture and it’s not difficult to see why this is the case when you drink in all the clever and innovative methods which have gone into its crafting. Boasting an abundance of clean lines and minimalist styles from top to bottom, we’re loving the visual impact of the property here at Coolector HQ and it really does do a phenomenal job of showcasing the talents of this first rate architecture studio.

Upstanding Design

Miró Rivera Architects operate out of Austin, Texas, and they are an an internationally appreciated design studio that has developed a portfolio of work that is the envy of many architecture firms out there. It seamlessly blurs art and architecture, and provides poetic and inspirational properties that really do add aesthetically to their landscapes rather than detracting from them and the stunning Vertical House is a prime example of this very fact.

The Miró Rivera designed Vertical House utilises clean lines, sheer glass walls alongside sculptural sun shades to deliver a sharply-detailed structure which has a highly engaging and innovative counterpoint to the tropical ambiance of its forest-like location. Offering two 60-foot-tall exterior screen walls which burst skyward on each side of the home and deliver the property’s main structural support and ensure that there is always plenty of shade and sense of privacy in all of the interior spaces of the design.

With amazing views everywhere you look from the Vertical House, it’s not surprising that the property’s architects have made this a principal design feature and the views become increasingly astounding as the ground below falls away, and a tangible sense of suspension grips you. The understated interior design endeavours throughout the structure mainly consist of white walls and polished concrete floors to deliver the sort of elegant, sophisticated clean living that we have come to expect from contemporary structures today.

Breathtaking Views

The real pièce de résistance with the Vertical House, however, is the spectacular open-air roof terrace, which is responsible for the astounding 360-degree views that the lucky owners of this home are afforded on a daily basis. A cleverly designed, mechanical skylight offers access from inside, and the terrace is protected from the sun by a screen wall, which turns 90 degrees to form an airy pergola to enjoy your favourite craft beer or tipple.

Architecture is one of our favourite principles here at Coolector HQ and this is especially true when we come across pieces of design quite as mesmerising as the Vertical House from Miró Rivera Architects. Phenomenal clean lines combine with stunning interior design and a breathtaking setting to make this one of our most loved pieces of architecture of 2017.

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