Apple Macintosh Phone Concept

It is fair to say that Apple are synonymous with some of the most seminal technological accessories of the last decade and though their current roster of gadgetry is impressive to say the least, it is always fun to remember their equipment of yesteryear and that’s something which has been achieved admirably Pierre Cerveau and his fantastic Apple Macintosh Phone Concept.

Pierre Cerveau is an industrial designer who operates out of Bangkok, Thailand, and he openly admits that probably no one was wondering what Apple’s flagship phone would look like if they release it twenty years ago but we’re mightily glad he stuck with it here at Coolector HQ because his end vision is both humorous and, in our opinion, looks like an ace phone. Take a look at a few more shots below:




Though it probably isn’t sufficient to make us want to do away with our current smartphone technology, we do remember these dial phones from our youth here at The Coolector and it’s definitely a feature we would love to see on a phone today though this would clearly be to the detriment of its functionality. Cerveau has really captured the essence of Apple’s early designs with his superb looking Apple Macintosh Phone Concept and we can’t wait to see what other accessories he gives his retro makeover here at Coolector HQ.

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