Arder & Perrell Periodic Elements Bracelets

If you want 2019 to be the year in which you up your accessories game then there’s a Kickstarter campaign that you might want to keep your eye on from Arder & Perrell in the shape of this excellent looking and devilishly dapper Periodic Elements Bracelets. This eye-catching accessories have already flown past their funding target in a matter of days which just goes to show that we’re not alone in having our heads turned by these bracelets here at Coolector HQ.

These Arder & Perrell Periodic Elements Bracelets on Kickstarter are definitely an unusual looking accessory that will add a visual impact to your wrist alongside your timepiece and, as the name suggests, they are available in a number of different materials to match your own particular style tastes. Designed for the adventurous and the curious, these are billed as the world’s most complete collection of transition metal elements and each one has been made in the UK.

Breaking Good

Obviously it is the inclusion of the chemical symbol on the bracelets which is the real stand out design feature of the Order & Perrell Periodic Elements Bracelets and they are available in twelve different element materials so there are plenty for you to pick from. Over time, each one of these bracelets will age in its own particular way, giving you a unique piece of jewellery that can tell as much a story as you.

Available for prices starting at just £25 for the so-called Tier One metals of aluminium, Iron and Chromium and going up to £70 for the Tier Four materials of Gold, Rhodium and Palladium, there is something for everyone with these great looking Arder & Perrell Periodic Elements Bracelets on Kickstarter. They are precision machined from solid metals which guarantees you a lifetime of use without any compromise. You’ll find wearing it comfortable and others will have their heads turned by the eye-catching design.

Made from precious metals such as gold and rhodium to lesser-known but vital elements like vanadium and molybdenum, Arder & Perrell have collected an array of elements that surround us in everyday life but often don’t get the recognition they deserve and giving them a new lease of life in these gloriously stylish bracelets which are funding on Kickstarter as we speak. You can personalise the bracelets with a name, date or message to make your element truly unique. Each custom engraving is placed on the opposite side to the periodic symbol.

Excellent Engineering

These Arder & Perrell Periodic Elements Bracelets have a simple, easy to use mechanism that makes the bracelet extremely easy to put on, take off and keeps it securely on you at all times. They are available in two different sizes and the bracelet draws into itself to deliver the perfect fit around your wrist. The classic minimal design of the bracelets let’s you stack up multiple elements without overloading your wrist.

With prices starting at just £25, these fantastic Arder & Perrell Periodic Elements Bracelets represent great value for money and an affordable means of adding a visual impact to your wrist in 2019. If you’ve been looking for some eye-catching accessories to add to your line up, they won’t come much better than this and we’re definitely looking to get our hands on some here at Coolector HQ.

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