Ardor & Forge Rothrock Automatic Watch

As we try and power through this pandemic, it’s more important than ever to try and support small brands out there and that’s why we’re hovering around Kickstarter looking for cool products that need a push in these trying times and that led us nicely to the Ardor & Forge Rothrock Automatic Watch which is in the throws of their crowdfunding campaign as we speak and their adventure ready timepiece is one of the coolest looking we’ve seen in a while here at Coolector HQ.

The Ardor & Forge Rothrock Automatic Watch boasts an innovative stone-finished case and real oak accents which ensure that this adventure watch is truly unique and will add a highly striking aesthetic to any man’s wrist in 2020. Available in 4 colourways, this super cool looking timepiece on Kickstarter is available for $350 during the campaign, which is down from the final retail price of $550 so you’re getting yourself a pretty massive discount if you get your hands on one now.

Made For The Wilderness

There is a real robust, no-nonsense persuasion to the Ardor & Forge Rothrock Automatic Watch that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ and if you like your watches to be uncompromising and stylish in equal measure, look no further. It is a rugged adventure watch with a proprietary stone-finish case and real oak accents in rehaut, crown and rotor that delivers a visual impact quite unlike any other timepiece you’re likely to encounter.

A limited edition release, only 125 of each colourway of the Ardor & Forge Rothrock Automatic Watch on Kickstarter will be made available so move quickly if you’re liking what you see. These majestic looking timepieces take their design inspiration from Rothrock State Forest in Pennsylvania and this shines through in the understated and natural feel to their aesthetics and the materials used in their creation.

A big part of the overriding objective for Ardor & Forge is to support conservation efforts to make sure future generations are able to get outdoors and enjoy the natural areas that surround them in the same manner that we are able to today (albeit not right now perhaps). While it’s an eventual goal to support these types of efforts around the globe, Ardor & Forge are starting locally and they’re definitely a watchmaker that we can get behind here at Coolector HQ.

Quality Components

It is the casing which really makes the Rothrock Automatic Watch soar and the guys at Ardor & Forge wanted this case to look as if it had been carved from the rocky trails that had inspired it. To do this, they used a multi-step process that includes lasers, rock tumblers, and several other ingredients to deliver a look and feel entirely unlike anything else we’ve seen on a watch.

Available for the great price of $350 during the Kickstarter campaign, now is the time to move if you want to secure a top quality, nature inspired timepiece for your wrist in 2020. It boasts a Japanese Seiko NH35 movement which delivers excellent accuracy and robustness for day in, day out wearing and you’ll find it hard not be won over by the looks of this watch as well as the charitable endeavours that are the driving force behind it.

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