Subrr Wallet


We regularly feature wallets here on The Coolector, which is kind of ironic I guess given the scarcity of money in ours but there’s something about a well-designed and conceived wallet that we simply find it too difficult to ignore and we’ve found another contender for our affections in the form of this excellent Subrr Wallet.

Cork is, of course, a highly durable and resilient material and is used in all sorts of manufacturing endeavours but its not everyday that you see, or expect to see, a wallet crafted from this material. Well, prepared to be impressed and intrigued in equal measure because that’s what we have on our hands with this excellent Kickstarter backed project, the Subrr Wallet. Available in two different types of cork and capable of carrying both cash and cards, this minimalist little number has certainly raised an impressed and inquisitive eyebrow or two here at Coolector HQ and, as we’re a clumsy bunch not adverse to spilling beer on our wallets, the Subrr Wallet might just be the saviour we require. Take a look at this eye-catching carry in our gallery below:


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