AreaWare Glass Rulers

It’s safe to say, we’ve not really had cause to use a conventional ruler around Coolector HQ for a number of years now as, truth be told, we don’t normally need to measure stuff nowadays but every now and then you come across a super cool piece of design that elevates an everyday item and brings it back to life in your mind and that’s exactly what has happened with these awesome looking Glass Rulers from AreaWare.

AreaWare are a gift and home accessories brand based in Brooklyn, NY and Columbus, OH and they work with independent designers to bring their design ideas to life and that’s how these great looking AreaWare Glass Rulers came to fruition. Designed by Allon Libermann & Hye Jin Ahn, these superb measuring tools are available in both inches and centimetre iterations so, regardless of your own metric of choice, they’ve got you covered.

Glass Half Full

Crafted from crystal glass for a tangible sense of quality, these eye-catching accessories will make a first class addition to any creative’s workspace and will let you quickly and efficiently make those all important little measurements and ensure that you’re always doing it in style.

Devilishly simple in design but undeniably classy from an aesthetic point of view, these AreaWare Glass Rulers immediately caught the eye here at Coolector HQ and for anyone with a passion for unusual stationery pieces, these will more than fit the bill. As mentioned, they are available separately as inch or centimetre measurers or can be bought in a bundle with one of each but whichever you choose, they are sure to class up your workspace a little.

Minimalism is a movement we’ve got a lot of time for and it is decidedly in evidence with these fantastic Glass Rulers from AreaWare. Needless to say, this isn’t the sort of accessory that is going to change the world but for lovers of great design and visually impactful stationery, it’s sure to resonate and we’re sure there will be plenty of individuals working in creative industries itching to get their hands on these cracking measuring tools.

Made To Measure

If, like us, you find your measuring needs to be negligible at best, you’ll likely also want this Glass Ruler from AreaWare more as a conversational piece that adds a new level of aesthetic awesomeness to your workspace. There are of course times, however, when the need to measure small things when working and it will be a godsend for just these occasions.

Small and perfectly formed, these AreaWare Glass Rulers are definitely something that will find a home on the desks of creative individuals out there and the attention to detail that has gone into their crafting and finish is second to none. If you know someone who loves stationery and well-crafted wares, you’re in luck as you’ve just found them the perfect gift.

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