Arkonik Reef D90

We find ourselves gravitating towards brands like Arkonik here at Coolector HQ as we just can’t get enough of their amazing Land Rover builds and their latest offering, the Reef D90, is probably their most laid back and beach inspired to date. If you love surfing and spending days by the (ideally Californian) coast, this might just be the ride for you and it’s certainly caught our attention here at The Coolector.

As with all the builds from Arkonik, there is a clear attention to detail in the design of the Reef D90 Defender and for those who want their vehicles to stand out from the crowd with a touch of vibrancy, this one certainly won’t disappoint. It was built for an outdoor loving couple that wanted a genuine beach buggy that could cater for their Florida lifestyle at New Smryna beach and Arkonik have delivered with some considerable aplomb with the Reef D90.

Good Vibrations

It’s plain to see that the Arkonik Reef D90 is heavily influenced by a beach lifestyle and this is evident in the aesthetics of this fantastic looking machine. As a soft-top, the Reef Land Rover Defender will allow the lucky owners to breath in the sea air as they cruise along the sands, taking in the views and hunting for the best surf spots along the coastline.

Needless to say, it is the exterior of the Reef D90 Defender from Arkonik that is the first thing that catches the eye. It boasts Sky Blue bodywork which has been expertly complemented by silver accents which includes chequer plate and a super cool, KBX® Signature grille. Chawton White steel wheels and a tan hood round out the design of this classy looking Defender, which creates a style which radiates those bright and breezy beach vibes the owners were after.

The interior of the Reef D90 from Arkonik doesn’t disappoint and , as is the case with all the workshop’s builds, it is dripping in luxurious design features which helps to set it apart from the competition. The cracked Analine leather interior and polished wooden flooring are the real focal points of Reef interior and make it a mighty comfy ride along the coast. The owners wanted to create a vehicle which made them feel as though they’d gone back in time and these key features, in conjunction with the humble analogue controls, combine to deliver something which is truly classic and unique to them.

Coming From Good Stock

Arkonik are positively synonymous with high quality Land Rover Defender builds and you can add the Reef D90 to that ever-growing list. They have well over 200 builds to their name and typically work with D90 and D110 models and each vehicle that receives the Arkonik treatment will be of a 15-25 year old vintage, depending on its destination.

Arkonik performs a full restoration on the Defender whilst retaining as much of the original vehicles as possible, to render a ‘better than new’ vehicle tailored to clients’ specifications. The Reef D90 is definitely one of their most vibrant and striking builds to date and ideally suited to the laid back beach lifestyle of the new owners.

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