Arna Miller Animal Prints

Needless to say, we’ve got certain artists that we will always gravitate towards when it comes to decorating our own home office here at The Coolector and the amazing American artist, Arna Miller, is chief amongst them. We’re not ashamed to say our affinity for her artwork stems from the fact that cats feature heavily within it (drunken cats, no less) and this is definitely something that resonates with our sensibilities.

Arna Miller finds here design inspiration in book illustrations, vintage packaging, matchboxes, magic show posters, and early-20th century illustrations and infuses them all into her predominantly animal orientated prints. Her Drunk Cat / Dog series of prints is a real favourite of ours at The Coolector and there is plenty of other pieces from a duck bobbing in beer to her Friendly Fellows series to be added to your line up of artwork for 2021.

Immeasurably Eye-Catching Artwork

We’re huge fans of the vintage look and feel of the prints from Arna Miller and the animal inspired designs are going to add a real touch of class and an unparalleled visual impact to any wall that you hang them from. Miller has a style which is uniquely her own and it really does shine through in all the amazing pieces that she creates. Whilst not all are for sale on her store (yet), we’ve got high hopes of getting our hands on some of her hilarious dinosaur creations if they do ever wind up on the digital shelves of her online store.

Arna Miller came to the world of art perhaps a little later than the norm as mid-twenties and after hearing the 10,000-hours-to-master-a-skill theory, she felt compelled to catch up. Before all that, when everything crashed in 2008, she lost her job at an architecture firm and this proved the catalyst to pursue her dream of becoming a creator and artist and we’re mighty glad she did because we’re loving all the amazing, animal inspired pieces that she creates.

There is a good deal of humour running through the creative pieces of Arna Miller, from the inebriated felines to oblivious dinosaurs, there is a comical edge to this artwork which really elevates it above the competition in our opinion here at The Coolector. If you’re after artwork which looks fantastic but doesn’t take itself too seriously, you’ll be onto a winner with the quality pieces available from Miller’s online store.

Perfect Prints

The high quality risograph prints of Arna Miller have a real visual vibrancy and tangible sense of quality to the touch which ensures that they will elevate the aesthetic of any wall in your home or office. There is a small but perfectly formed selection of prints to choose from in Miller’s online store and we’ve got our fingers firmly crossed that plenty more of her amazing creations will become prints in the not too distant future.

We’re always on the lookout for new artists here at The Coolector but we can’t help gravitating back to the ones that we know and love as well and the hilarious animal inspired prints of Arna Miller unquestionably fall into this bracket. If you’re wanting to add a touch of humour to your walls in 2021 (and leave 2020 in the past where it belongs), head on over to Arna Miller’s online store. You won’t regret it.

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