Artifox Cycle Rack

Owning a bicycle is something that most urban commuters will experience but if, like us, you’re reluctant to keep your two-wheeled steed outside in the elements and at risk of theft, you’ll want to sit up and take notice of the Artifox Cycle Rack. Needless to say, keeping a bike inside your home, particularly if space is at a premium, can be problematic but with this fantastic piece of design from Artifox, it will actually help add aesthetic appeal to your interior design endeavours.

Priced at $199 and available in three different styles – walnut, white oak and black edition – the Artifox Cycle Rack has got an understated appeal and intuitive design that will help your store your bicycle in style. Cleverly conceived to display your two-wheeled pride and joy and ensuring that it is always easy to quickly remove and get on the road if you’re running late, the Artifox Cycle Rack ticks our style and functionality boxes here at The Coolector.

Storage in Style

For flat owners in particular, storing ones bike can be quite a problematic issue but no longer courtesy of the superbly crafted and stylish Artifox Cycle Rack. This vertical bike rack allows you to bring your ride out from the garage and into your living space but not at the detriment to your interior design aesthetics. Its unique mounting system self-levels along any surface and will stay hidden with a cleverly placed magnet.

The Artifox Cycle Rack ($199) has an extremely efficient design that uses a minimal amount of wall space to help you out in tight situations and ensure that you’ll have space to store your bike in more or less any size of property. The self-levelling mounting system needs only three screws to put it together which makes it an easy and quick install regardless of your DIY capabilities. It is compatible with bike wheels up to 3.25″, RACK can handle your mountain, road, or hybrid bike with ease.

Almost making your bike look like a piece of art, the Artifox Cycle Rack is a fine example of the sort of minimalistic design which the American workshop have become synonymous with and we’re loving the great performance of this top notch accessory here at Coolector HQ. It is made from first class materials and has a clever, unobtrusive design that sets it apart from the competition and points to why it has rapidly become one of Artifox’s most popular and best selling products.

Superior Interior

For most people the thought of storing your bike inside your home is one that will fill you with dread but this cracking Cycle Rack from Artifox will put paid to those worries. Available for under $200 and in a number of different colours and materials, you’re sure to find the ideal rack for your own particular bike and overall interior design efforts.

The Artifox Cycle Rack is a fantastic piece of design that will make storing bikes a doddle and the understated nature of its construction doesn’t impact on the home when you’re bike isn’t being store upon it. Excellent materials and performance combine to ensure that anyone with a bicycle they want to store will appreciate the calibre of this product.

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