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You know that thing about Apple kind of taking over the world, and shaping the universe in accordance to how they see fit? Yeah it’s definitely happening. However lest we not despair, as this is a good thing and permit us to tell you why.

Like many others before them, Artifox have fallen under the Apple enchantment, and thus we have a superb piece of kit to cast our fruitful eye over. OK, so technically speaking this isn’t an Apple only product, as any form of tablet/laptop will sit beautifully on this here desk but it is perhaps best suited to the sleek aesthetics for which the Californian conglomerate are best known.

Created by architect Sarah and creative thinker Dan, the Artifox desk conveys simplicity by catering for the everyday working person. Need somewhere to hang your headphones? There’s a hook for that. What about an area to hang your bag? Yep another hook. OK, this is clearly too easy. How about a suitable perch for my iPad, so I can work in unison with both laptop and tablet? Yeah got it covered. Check out some shots of this spiffing piece of furniture below:






Not content with catering to our every need, Artifox furnish our creative side by providing a built-in white-board for those flashes of inspiration as and when you have them. By far and away our favourite feature, the surface is perfect for those moments when you have an idea that needs jotting down straight away…or like us at The Coolector you could just draw rude images, entirely up to you.

The talented design duo behind the Artifox Desk are definitely proud of their creation, self-proclaiming that their products look great; but given the level of design they’re obviously working at, we say march-fourth with the confidence and continue with your fine fettle chaps.

Available: Artifox

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