Artifox Lift Desktop Organiser

Keeping one’s workspace clear, tidy and clutter free can be a war of attrition at times but there are some fantastically functional pieces of furniture which are tailor-made for helping you in this battle and the Artifox Lift Desktop Organiser is a prime example of this. This classy, understated and pleasing versatile piece of workspace furniture will rapidly enhance the sense of organisation on your desk and ensure that it looks all the more awesome whilst doing it. This excellent offering from the guys at Artifox comes in Walnut, White Oak and Black Birch colourways so you’ll definitely be able to find one that fits in with the overall aesthetic of your home workspace.

The Artifox Lift Desktop Organiser has a price tag of $370 which, in our opinion here at The Coolector is a small price to pay for an organised workspace, and it pairs perfectly with the design studio’s superb looking desk. This desktop organiser has been cleverly designed and crafted to make sure that it provides multi-level storage and can easily be used to accommodate your display monitors, notebooks, plants and all your EDC essentials like wallets, phones and keys so they don’t clutter up your workspace whilst you’re trying to work. It has also been purpose-built to work with any table or surface so you don’t necessarily need a desk in order to make the most of Lift. 

Uplifiting Performance

Few things put more of a roadblock on productivity than a cluttered workspace and this Lift Desktop Organiser from Artifox will be the catalyst to ensuring that yours always keeps neat and ordered. Or at least becomes easier to keep neat and ordered. You can pair the Lift with Artifox’s Pegs and Bands for endless magnetic styling options and enhanced organisation for your workspace. The lower shelf is capable of holding a 15” MacBook, keyboard, mouse, and notebooks.

The Artifox Lift Desktop Organiser ($370) arrives fully assembled so you’ll have your workspace ordered in no time whatsoever and it won’t interrupt your workflow. Each one is made in the USA to exacting standards and has a tangible sense of quality to the touch and aesthetic superiority that will enhance rather than detract from your personal interior-design aesthetic. It can elevate monitors, laptops and everyday essentials and Artifox use sustainably sourced hardwood that’s hand-selected and paired with powder-coated steel.

If you’re working from home and really looking to ramp up your set-up and make it as organised as possible, adding one of these Artifox Desktop Organisers to your line up of workspace accessories is a must in our opinion here at The Coolector. Available in three different wood materials and at a thoroughly reasonable price of $370, it’s not difficult to see why Lift is one of Artifox’s most popular releases to date.

Leo Davie