5 Essential Pocket Tools for Camping Trips this Fall

Heading out into the wild over the next few weeks? Being prepared is essential and there are some excellent pocket tools which should definitely be squirreled away for your next wilderness excursion. Pockets were invented around the 16 century, which was a big turning point for those who like to carry pocketknives, keys, and other useful EDC. We like to think pocket tools are the most functional means to show up prepared for any camping experience. Whether it’s a handy pocket knife to cut through a stubborn materials, or a flashlight for unexpected trips in the dark, pocket tools might just be your new best friend during a Fall camping trip. Check out our pick of 5 of the best below:

James Brand Pike Pocketknife ($120)

The Pike Pocketknife from the James Brand is a non-locking, slip-joint knife that’s streamlined, handsome, and purpose built for your pocket instead of your hip. This will likely come in handy multiple times during any wilderness camping trip. It’ll impress you every time you use it, and it’ll impress your descendants when you pass it on to them for their own outdoor adventures. ($120)

Nocs Provisions Standard Issue 8×25 Waterproof Binoculars ($95)

Taking their design inspiration from the generation of explorers who relied on their binoculars to discover the great unknown, Nocs are crafted for the modern explorer who carries on that spirit of exploration and curiosity. They’re equipped with premium optics that are housed in a weatherproof and fog proof case, wrapped up in a robust, non-slip grip that fits right in your pocket for effortless access because sometimes the most beautiful things we encounter on an adventure can be the most fleeting. ($95)

VSSL Compact First Aid Kit ($88)

A first aid kit will undoubtedly be one of the most essential pocket tools to take with you on a trip out into the wild but they don’t come much more pocket-sized than this VSSL Compact First Aid Kit ($88). It has all of the necessary gear to survive whatever the elements throw at you, conveniently packed into the size of a standard flashlight. ($88)

Full Windsor The Muncher – Multi-Tool Utensil ($35)

This The Muncher – Multi-Tool Utensil from Full Windsor is a multi-utensil with a spork on one end, a serrated butter knife on the other, and multiple tools in between. Each one is made entirely from lightweight, corrosion resistant titanium that boasts double the strength-to-weight ratio of steel and the tools include a potato peeler and bottle opener combo, plus a cord cutter and can opener. ($35)

Tactica M.100 – 17-in-1 Multi-Tool ($40)

The Tactica M.100 ($40) takes about half of the top drawer of your toolbox and condenses it down to a pocket size utensil. This pocket powerhouse adapts to your needs and makes sure you have the tools to tackle any challenges. Whether it’s camping, cycling or about town with 17 tools in one sleek, lightweight package, you’ll be ready for any situation with the Tactica Original at your side. ($40)

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