Artifox Table Light

When it comes to workspaces, the guys at Artifox are some of the best in the business and have an awesome line up of desks and desk accessories that will add a whole new level of class to your working from home endeavours. The latest addition to their already impressive line up is the Artifox Table Light which is available in three different colourways and will provide you with just the right amount of light in your home office when it starts to get darker earlier at this time of year.

Pleasingly minimalist and understated, the Artifox Table Light retails at $320 and comes in a stealthy black, vibrant white and muted sand option so you can choose the one that best tallies with the design aesthetic you’re looking to cultivate with your deskspace. Purpose-built  to be displayed in contemporary work and home environments with a clean and minimal aesthetic, it’s hard not to be impressed with the visuals of this table light from Artifox. Its versatile shape and symmetrical features make it the ideal lamp for desks, tables, nightstands, and shelving.


Taking its design inspiration from the iconic mid- century mushroom light, the simple geometry of the Artifox Table Light is free of harsh angles giving off a retro sci-fi vibe that, needless to say, we’re big fans of here at The Coolector. It also features a shallow tray which is perfectly suited for storing small personal items and EDC to help keep your space neat and tidy. This is Artifox’s first collaboration with Gantri, a premium lighting manufacturer in California that uses durable components that are great for the planet.

The Artifox Table Light ($320) comes complete with museum-quality dimmable LEDs and this clever accessory uses plant based materials that means it is the sort of item that you can feel good about adding to your home office or workspace. The Table Light from Artifox comes in three colour ways that will look beautiful in any space you choose to deploy it and the fact it is such an understated design means it will fit in with more or less any interior design aesthetic – be it classic or contemporary. 

The plant based polymers on the Table Light offer a strong alternative to traditional plastics such as ABS and PET which are known to be harmful to the planet so if you’re looking for workspace furniture and accessories that are greener than most, this fantastic offering from Artifox will be a great place to start. We love all the designs from Artifox here at The Coolector and the quality of this Table Light is right up there with the best of them. Want to add some classy lighting to your workspace? Look no further.

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