ASOME Bluetooth Earphone

Listening to music is something that helps most people get through their working day but in order to appreciate your tunes to the maximum, it’s important to have the right kit for the job and for those looking for a stylish, top performing bit of gadgetry, the ASOME Bluetooth Earphone will be ticking plenty of the right boxes.

The ASOME Bluetooth Earphone aims to deliver the very best music experience to its users and it does this through a combination of great design and top notch technological components. It offers qualcomm AptX codec for top quality sound and has a 210mAh battery which will deliver up to 10 hours of music streaming awesomeness.

With a number of additional fashion accessory features such as straps to let you choose how to wear your ASOME Bluetooth Earphone, it’s going to please plenty of tech finds looking for a new music listening solution. Take a look at a few more shots below:










Supremely stylish and superior in the technology department, the ASOME Bluetooth Earphone represents a great value for money investment for those who want a cool little device for ramping up their musical enjoyment.

Fantastically well designed from the ground up, the ASOME Bluetooth Earphone was made as a collaboration between Visionscape and Joongho Choi studio and the end result is a device that doesn’t just look great but sounds great too.

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