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Though we’re not ski aficionados at Coolector HQ, Aspen is undoubtedly a place that we’d like to visit and this desire has increased exponentially after we stumbled across an awesome looking brewski from this Colorado ski resort by the name of the Aspen Brewing Company. We’re certainly partial to beers year round but with the winter season drawing inexorably closer, we’ve found favour in one that originates from a city known for its winter activities.

The Aspen Brewing Company boasts the rather admirable claim to fame of being the city’s only microbrewery and from what we have seen they are taking this position very seriously by dedicating themselves to creating some mightily delicious looking brews. Conceived, as breweries often are, by a bunch of college room mates, the Aspen Brewing Company immediately caught our eye here at Coolector HQ with their superb branding that is right up our street.

Distributing their mouth-watering brews all over the state of Colorado, the Aspen Brewing Company have definitely propelled themselves into the list of beers that we want to experience here at The Coolector and the excellent shots below show why this beer caught our attention in the first place:





If you’re in the market for a new American beer to add to your list of brewskis to imbibe then these crackers from the Aspen Brewing Company should undoubtedly be sitting near the top of the list. With such an impressive branding and dedication to providing delicious looking ales, they’re definitely jolly good eggs in our book and we can’t wait to try some of their first rates beers.

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