Loft of Cambie Minimalist Wallets

We’ve featured an awful lot of wallets here on the pages of The Coolector and you’d think that there’s only so many ways of crafting a wallet but we’re often surprised and amazed by the new and endlessly stylish creations that we come across during our daily scouring of the web and the latest carry to have drawn us in is this fantastically crafted Loft Of Cambie Minimalist Wallets.

These decidedly spiffing wallets are the work of Taiwan based but Canadian born designer who draws influence for his designs from his father who ran a machinery workshop and his sewing aficionado mother to produce the undeniably excellent and painfully stylish Loft of Cambie Minimalist Wallets you see before you.

Aimed at providing the essential solution for your daily journey, the Loft of Cambie Minimalist Wallet is available in a multitude of styles and materials to suit every taste and will offer a high level of functionality and visual appeal which is now imperative for a man’s wallet today. Having an organised wallet is something beyond most men but with the right carry in your pocket it is far from an impossibility and these offerings from Loft of Cambie will certainly be up a lot of men’s street with their versatility and aesthetic appeal. Feast your eyes on a few more shots of these cracking minimalist wallets below:




The Loft of Cambie Wallet came to fruition after the designer behind it grew frustrated when his own wallet gradually fell apart over time and he was unable to find suitable replacement parts so set about creating a wallet of his own and we’re mightily glad he did because the end result is a visual and functionality treat.

Price: £20

Available: The Coolector Store

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