Of all the different industries we feature on the pages of The Coolector, menswear is undoubtedly one of the most competitive and it takes an awful lot to stand out from the competition. That’s why when we come across brands that dare to do things differently, we find it hard not to be impressed. Enter ASPHALTE and their awesome approach to men’s fashion which might just give the industry the shake-up it requires.

ASPHALTE are on a mission to kit out as many men as possible in quality clothes and they are going about it in an innovative way. They strive to provide an impressive range of garments that are attractive, robust and accessible to all budgets and style persuasions. The main weapon in the ASPHALTE armoury is pre-ordering.

What this essentially means is that they can cut out costs that don’t contribute to the quality of their apparel and put all of their finances towards what really matters: namely, the calibre of their fabrics, manufacturing and service. Win, win for all involved. The video below does a pretty sterling job of explaining how ASPHALTE operate:

Around 200 billion garments were produced in 2018, and these were made predominantly to satisfy the gigantic industry which overproduces stock to sell it via special offers, even if this means unsold items piling up at the end of the chain. In future, ASPHALTE want to see brands only produce fashion that can be used. They believe that pre-ordering is the way forward. And they are blazing a trail.

Check out some of the pieces you can pre-order from ASPHALTE right now:

The Light Work Jacket (€99)

A lightweight jacket is something that every man’s wardrobe rotation is going to require in 2021 and, if style, sophistication and all-round comfort is your bag, you’ll need to get your hands on this superb looking Light Work Jacket from ASPHALTE. Pre-ordering now for the bargain price of €99, this great looking piece of outerwear is crafted from a 100% organic and light Italian cotton and has an effortless, tailored fit. It only has four days left at the pre-order price so make sure you move fast to secure this one.

The cotton used in the ASPHALTE Light Work Jacket (€99) is responsibly farmed and spun in Turkey and skillfully woven and finished in Italy and delivers a tangible sense of quality to the garment. It offers a contemporary fit which is adjusted all the way up to the sleeves so it doesn’t get in between you and your work. You can button it up right to the top, just close the lapel of your collar whenever the weather is on the uncompromising side.

If workwear is known for one thing, then that’s being solid and reliable for wearing day in, day out and that’s why ASPHALTE stuck to tradition and reinforced the seams of the Light Work Jacket with a double stitching. For this jacket, ASPHALTE took a classic icon and gave it a contemporary update. Because you don’t have to sacrifice style for durability or forego functionality to have a great fit. Sometimes you really can just have it all. This jacket is a case in point. (€99)

The Ultimate Jeans (€99)

If you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, when you find a pair of jeans that fit just right and look exactly how you like, you’ll cling on to them for dear life and wear them to destruction. Well, The Ultimate Jeans from ASPHALTE (€99) are the next pair that will fall into that bracket and they offer the perfect balance of style and substance. Crafted from high quality Japanese Selvedge 14oz denim, you’ll know these jeans are a cut above from the minute you pull them on for the first time. This denim is a proper old school tough nut which has been woven on traditional shuttle looms with a signature sturdy hand that mellows elegantly over time. Again, you’ll need to move quickly with less than a week left on the pre-ordering campaign for the Ultimate Jeans.

Offering the ultimate cut, not tight around the thighs or slim at the hem, you’ll love how these ASPHALTE Ultimate Jeans look and feel. It gives a gently tailored look that’s comfortable and allows your jeans to adapt to your body shape. ASPHALTE have reinforced the seams and overlocked the inside leg for greater robustness to make these jeans as adventure-ready as they come. The inside leg’s thinner, which helps to reduce friction without compromising on durability.

The buttons are all made of zamak, which is a resistant metal alloy. The denim aficionados out there will appreciate the brass rivets fastened to the jeans with a fabric washer. The old ways are sometimes the best ways. The pockets are deep so you can carry your EDC essentials without printing the outlines on your thighs every time you sit down. ASPHALTE have added an extra line of stitching to fend off any attack from sharp-edged keys as well. No stone unturned in the design of these jeans. (€99)

The Sweatshirt (€59)

The sweatshirt is one of those garments you can find just about anywhere and for all sorts of prices. The first days are always no problem. But then you start making it sweat and the problems kick in. That’s why ASPHALTE wanted to offer you The Sweatshirt (€59) that can last you a lifetime. Or at least a really good amount of time. This sweatshirt is crafted from 100% organic cotton for a comfort, robust fit. With a whopping 500g/m2, it’s in a different weight class than most sweatshirts on the market but won’t ever get too warm.

Courtesy of its thickness, this sweatshirt always stays in shape, drapes nicely and looks the part. ASPHALTE made sure of that by testing its limits in an independent lab and they can safely say that this sweatshirt didn’t make a big deal about it. It scored 4.5/5 which means almost no pilling. As close as you can get to a high 5. The cut is straight with slightly narrowed side seams to deliver that understated, tailored look. It also helps to do away with the kind of annoying and awkward bumps that you can get with large vintage sweatshirts.

The raglan sleeves on this sweatshirt are another top notch feature we’re loving at Coolector HQ. They run from the underarm to the collar creating rounded shoulders that add a touch of mystery to your shape. Yes you know it, only snitches get stitches. It makes for a sporty look that is easy to wear and easy to move in. The waist and cuff ribbings are in the same 1×1 100% organic cotton. ASPHALTE have added 10% elastane to the collar, as it makes it more comfortable to pop on and helps it return to its original shape. No nonsense and comfortable so you can stay warm even when you’re being jabbed by the weather.

If you want to play your part in improving the massive issue of wastage in the fashion industry, getting behind brands like ASPHALTE is the perfect place to start. They offer great looking menswear at an affordable price and, most importantly, it is made in such a way that is much more responsible and reduces the amount of apparel ending up in landfill. A win, win if ever we saw one.

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