You’ll likely have to be of a particular video gaming age (growing up in the late 70s and early 80s) to really appreciate the impact that Atari had on the market and, in our opinion here at Coolector HQ, they’re long overdue a comeback. Well, it looks as though our prayers have been answered with the aesthetically superior AtariBox which looks set to hit the market some time in 2018.

With details pretty thin on the ground regarding the AtariBox, all we really know at present is that the device is going to look amazing as we’ve been treated to some rather spectacular product shots of the machine and for those with a love of retro style designs, this is likely going to be another console that is an essential addition to your line up.

Awesome Atari

Atari are, unquestionably, one of the cornerstones of the video game industry and are responsible for helping to shape the consoles that we all know and love today so excitement is understandably high about the announcement of a brand spanking new console from the iconic gaming manufacturers and from what we can see so far, the AtariBox definitely doesn’t look like it’s going to be a disappointment.

The AtariBox has been born from a desire to create a brand new device that remains true to the heritage of Atari whilst simultaneously appealing to both old and new fans of the brand – no mean feat of course but early indications are definitely positive. The AtariBox takes its design inspiration from classic Atari design elements (most notably the iconic use of wood, ribbed lines, and raised back).

They are crafting an elegant design, with ribs that flow effortlessly all around the device, an eye-catching front panel that can be delivered with either a wood or glass finish, a front facing logo, super cool indicator lights that glow through the front, and, last but not least, a bounty of new ports such as HDMI, 4xUSB, SD – something that no modern console can be without. When released, this breathtakingly stylish device will be available in your choice of either the wood edition or the black/red edition so you’ll be able to tie it in with your games room aesthetic.

Best of Both Worlds

As the aforementioned tech specs illustrate, the AtariBox will be geared towards modern gaming but they certainly won’t be forgetting their roots and classic gamers will find plenty to appreciate with the device as well. With details still so thin on the ground, it’s difficult to get too excited about the purported capabilities of the AtariBox but if you’re the sort that values great design in your tech devices, it is definitely going to deliver in that department.

Atari will be releasing additional details surrounding the AtariBox over the next few months and you can rest assured that we’ll be first in line when this amazing looking console hits the shelves. Classic design coupled with modern technology have got us interested and it’s going to be exciting to see what sort of games the iconic video game brand will be releasing on this eye-catching new device.

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