2018 Indian Scout “Bobber” Motorcycle

Motorcycles aren’t something that we claim to know a lot about here at Coolector HQ but there is no denying the heritage of the Indian Motorcycle brand and whenever they’ve got a new machine on the market, it would be rude not to sit up and take notice of it – especially when said steed is as miraculously stylish and boasts a performance as fantastic as this 2018 Indian Scout “Bobber” Motorcycle.

The 2018 Indian Scout “Bobber” Motorcycle is billed as being “no frills, all attitude” and the minute you lay eyes on this contraption, you’ll understand why that is the case. It has chopped fenders, knobby tires, a slammed stance and blacked-out and stripped down body that really does add a touch of stealthy style to proceedings and if you’re after a no-nonsense motorbike for that epic road trip you’ve had planned, this would definitely be our pick here at Coolector HQ.

Uncompromising Ride

Any motorbike from Indian is going to be a cut above it’s fair to say but the sheer visual appeal of the Scout “Bobber” from this iconic crafter of bikes really does set it apart from the competition. Boasting 100 horsepower and a 69 cubic inch V-Twin engine which is responsible for the stunning performance of this steed out on the road, it’s easy to see why petrolheads are already falling for this exceptional contraption that will deliver the unparalleled thrill of hitting the open road in style.

The 2018 Indian Scout “Bobber” Motorbike has a super cool, low-slung profile that will make for an exciting ride whenever you climb into the saddle and the raw, mechanical aesthetic that is has is certainly to our own aesthetic tastes here at The Coolector. This magnificent machine has a blacked out exhaust, frame and handlebars which means you’re unlikely to find a stealthier looking bike anywhere else on the market.

An engine that has liquid cooling which always delivers unparalleled performance, the 2018 Indian Scout “Bobber” Motorbike is a real stand out performer and delivers the smoothest ride imaginable courtesy of the expertly tuned front suspension and cartridge forks. Everywhere you look with this incredible ride, there is another spectacular feature of clever piece of design which all combine to make it one of Indian Motorcycle’s most impressive machines to date.

Unparalleled Comfort

Comfort is always a chief concern of Indian when it comes to their motorbikes but they’ve really gone above and beyond the call of duty with their amazing Scout “Bobber” Motorbike which has low-slung, brown leather bobber seat which does a first rate job of giving the bike an aggressive stance and an eye-catching retro appeal.

For those of you with a genuine passion for motorbikes, you’ll obviously be only too aware of the capabilities of Indian Motorcycles in this arena but chances are you’ll be just as impressed as us here at Coolector HQ with this spectacular 2018 Scout “Bobber” Bike which is the coolest looking contraption we’ve seen in some time and it manages to back up its visual prowess with a phenomenal performance as well.

Price: $11,500

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