ATECH Multitool Pen 7-in-1 Phone Stand

We’re pretty serious about having a neat and ordered workspace here at Coolector HQ and for that reason we’re always on the lookout for functional accessories to surround ourselves with. The latest to have caught our eye is this ridiculously versatile ATECH Multitool Pen 7-in-1 Phone Stand which will offer you an extensive range of features that will come in handy for any creative’s workspace.

Priced at just $19.99, the excellent ATECH Multitool Pen 7-in-1 Phone Stand has the sort of stealthy aesthetic that we’re huge fans of at The Coolector and boasts an abundant about of uses that will make it a mighty welcome addition to your workspace. ATECH operate out of the heart of San Francisco to bring your daily travel essentials. Their product design process is simple: direct, useful and enriching.  They go through many hours of research and development to meet the requirements of their customers, and deliver results in their products that effortlessly integrate into your lifestyle.

Great Price, Many Different Uses

Functionality is the call of the day with the ATECH Multitool Pen 7-in-1 Phone Stand and it is clear that this San Francisco based brand understand the difference between innovation and gimmick. This cracking bit of kit offers seven extremely handy functions: a ballpoint pen, a stylus, a bottle opener, a mini flat-head, a Phillips screwdriver, a metric and inch ruler, and a phone stand – not bad for under $20.

The ATECH Multitool Pen 7-in-1 Phone Stand ($19.99) has an understated aesthetic that won’t mess up your workspace and will deliver a great many uses without getting in the way of your creative processes. The twist action pen, which is a fundamental part of this accessory, will write fluently, is incredibly robust, smart and portable enough to take with you when you’re heading away from your workspace.

It is a TSA compliant Air travel friendly piece of EDC and will make a great gift for any man who loves having useful accessories on their person day in, day out. The ATECH Multitool Pen 7-in-1 Phone Stand has a durable and attractive aluminium and copper body that gives it a sleek look and feel and has a stylus for a smartphone, tablet, touch screen devices. The 2.5mm Phillips Screwdriver and 2mm Flat-head Screwdriver will come in handy for any impromptu DIY undertakings that you encounter in the home or office and, for us here at Coolector HQ in particular, the bottle opener will be in frequent use cracking open craft beers.

Lightweight & Robust

EDC and workspace accessories are two of our favourite things here at Coolector HQ and this ATECH Multitool Pen 7-in-1 Phone Stand is both, neatly rolled into one wonderfully affordable package. It’s not until you get your hands on one that you realise just how handy this top notch accessory is and how often you’ll likely use it on a daily basis.

Priced at a very wallet friendly $19.99, anyone with a love of versatile EDC and workspace allies will want to get their hands on the fantastic ATECH Multitool Pen 7-in-1 Phone Stand. Whether it’s cracking open a well-earned desk beer or finding somewhere to rest your phone on the desk, this well made and supremely versatile accessory will come in incredibly handy day in, day out.

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