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As technology lovers here at Coolector HQ, we see our fair share of products originating from Japan but one of the best and most eye-catching we’ve encountered of late is the Atmoph Window which has been designed and manufactured in Kyoto, Japan, and can be best described as a new digital window that opens to beautiful scenery from around the world.

The Atmoph Window is capable of opening up a whole new world right before your very eyes and is an impressively conceived and constructed piece of technology that gadget lovers the world over are going to love. It offers videos and sounds of beautiful locations from all over the world and they are so real and engaging that you’ll genuinely feel like they are right outside your window.

Window Shopping

With so many distractions in our day to day life, it might not seem like a good idea to introduce something else for you to stare at into your home but such is the understated nature of the Atmoph Window, you’ll not find it a distraction but rather a means of helping you to relax and unwind after a stressful day.

The Atmoph Window is an impressive piece of technology and all of the videos used are exclusively filmed with a 4K professional camera and high-performance microphone to deliver that crystal clear clarity that really makes you feel like the world is going on right outside your window. With more than 400 of beautiful landscapes already filmed and ready to be used, plans are afoot to introduce plenty more amazing vistas and landscapes to be enjoyed through your Atmoph Window in 2017.

It’s not just videos of some of the world’s most iconic locations – such as Paris, New York, Tokyo and many more – that you’ll be able to enjoy with the Atmoph Window, live-streaming is also an option so you’ll also be able to check out some of your favourite locations in real time albeit this is a feature currently under development and not fully integrated into the platform as of yet.

Eye-Catching Technology

If you want a little more than just a window out onto an iconic skyline or breathtaking vista, the Atmoph Window delivers here as well because it boasts an array of information such as time, the date, the weather or a calendar in that moment with just a glance at the display of the Atmoph.

If you’re after something that will add a touch of relaxation to your workspace in 2017, the Atmoph Window will deliver this in abundance and the clever design and impressive technology combines to make this a piece of kit that all gadget lovers will be looking to get their hands on over the next few months.

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