Piaggio GITA Personal Cargo Droid

As an inherently lazy bunch here at Coolector, we’re all for those things that make our lives easier and, let’s face it, there’s few things more irksome than lugging your shopping around with you. Well, this could soon be an issue that is a thing of the past courtesy of the rather excellent looking Piaggio GITA Personal Cargo Droid.

Whilst it might sound like something out of Star Wars, the Piaggio GITA Personal Cargo Droid is, in fact, a fairly simple premise and can be best described as a robotic personal helper which will carry around your personal belongings for you. It comes from good stock and is the brainchild of the same company responsible for the Vespa scooter so, as you might expect, it excels aesthetically.

This Is The Droid You’re Looking For

The GITA is to be the first product launched via the Fast Forward arm of Piaggio and the design team is led by American architect and designer, Greg Lynn. For those of you who have long been hankering for your own personal minion to do your bidding (well, carrying your goods at least), the GITA Personal Cargo Droid will be a real godsend and boasts an innovative design and top of the range technology that might just make it one of 2017’s must have accessories.

It is electrically powered and boasts a flip lid that reveals an abundance of storage space capable of housing a generous amount of shopping or groceries and this clever piece of kit tracks its owner and follows along their path behind them. The GITA Personal Cargo Droid from Piaggio also has the capability to operate autonomously based on a pre-determined map and what this means is you can send it to collect goods and you don’t even need to be there for it. Perfect for a beer run.

With more or less limitless potential, there are all sorts of ways in which this cracking piece of technology may be deployed in the future – such as warehouse stocking, picking up groceries and even dog walking – so you’ll definitely not be short of options if you get your hands on one of these phenomenal looking machines in 2017.

Innovative Design

Boasting what is described as a communicative personality and an ability to learn, the GITA Cargo Droid has already got us pretty excited about its purported capabilities here at Coolector HQ and whilst it’s not yet on the shelves, it hopefully won’t be too long before we’ve got one of these machines pootling along behind us doing all our heavy lifting.

Clever, understated design coupled with top of the range technology make the Piaggio GITA Cargo Droid a piece of kit to definitely watch out for (literally and figuratively) in 2017 and we can’t wait to see how it is marketed and performs when it does eventually hit the shelves in a few months time.

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