AudioEngine HD3 Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers aren’t a new invention. Nor are they are particularly mind blowing one given the speed at which technology changes nowadays but sometimes you just have to sit back and applaud when a brand dares to do things a little different and produces a product that makes you appreciate the technology we have. These AudioEngine HD3 Wireless Speakers are one such product and we couldn’t be more impressed here at Coolector HQ.


AudioEngine operate out of Austin, Texas, and concern themselves with nothing but the design and crafting of innovative audio products which are all made with your music preferences and tastes in mind. Boasting award-winning sound, impeccable materials and a multitude of genuinely useful features, it is little wonder why they are turning heads with their HD3 Wireless Speakers.

Sounds About Right

The sound quality of HD3 Wireless Speakers from AudioEngine is impeccable and will deliver a performance that leaves you to enjoy your music every time but it is the versatility of these clever little audio devices that really sets them apart and makes them stand out from the crowd.



Designed with the way people enjoy music today in mind— that is, streaming wirelessly, vinyl, digital downloads and other forms of musical consumption – the gloriously designed HD3 from AudioEngine provides a new level of quality for compact mini music systems. The ability to play music from any device is an unprecedented level of versatility and one that will really make these excellent speakers a must-have for audiophiles out there.


Extremely straightforward to set up, these fantastic wireless speakers from AudioEngine are going to appeal to a lot of technology fans and they let you stream your music library, TIDAL, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, accounts straight to the HD3 from more or less anywhere in your home without any of those pesky dropouts we all hate.

High End Technology & Materials

The HD3 Speakers from AudioEngine are crafted for audio performance first and foremost but it is also important that speakers look the part too so they’re crafted from furniture-grade wood veneers, removable magnetic grills and aluminium trim accents that compliment any interior design endeavour. They are available in real Walnut and Cherry wood  as well as Satin Black at no extra cost if you want to push the boat out on aesthetics.


Clever features abound with these HD3 Wireless Speakers from AudioEngine including the fact all internal components of the speakers are crafted and tuned together which ensures that you get Audioengine’s Signature Sound quality and a considerably more effective audio system than you’ll typically see with separate speakers and amplifier. Great design, fantastic aesthetics and incredible performance all combine to make these a must have for any music fans.

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