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We’re not going to lie, when it comes to timepieces, we typically prefer a more understated affair here at Coolector HQ and the more minimalist the better in our opinion. It is for this reason, then, that we have found ourselves loving a new brand of timepieces that goes by the name of Dstrct Ware and they are as understated as they come.


Dstrct Ware Watches are ideally suited to those men who don’t feel the need to be flashy with their choice of timepiece and would instead rather wear a watch suited for the original purpose of being a simple instrument of time. This fantastic new series of timepieces from Dstrct Wares will appeal to many men who are looking for a suave, minimalist watch this Christmas period.

Understated Cool

The quality of these watches from Dstrct Wares is plain to see and when you consider that they are available for under $100, it is even more impressive. It is the sort of timepiece that you’ll happily buy and add to your watch rotation and wear regularly because of how well it goes with almost any outfit or occasion.



Dstrct Wares, being a new brand, don’t have a whole host of different collections to choose from (but do have a few different styles) and the selection that they do have may be small but it is perfectly formed. There is a certain trend with overcomplicated watches of late and that’s something that the guys at Dstrct Wares are keen to avoid and this certainly shines through in the aesthetics of their classical and traditional looking timepieces.

Material Matters

As mentioned, the watches from Dstrct Wares are available for under $100 so you’re patently not going to get the best of the best when it comes to the materials used in their construction. That being said, however, the materials that they do use are still mighty impressive considering such a low price tag.

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Featuring genuine leather straps, Miyota quartz movements, 3ATM water resistance, stainless steel casebacks, brushed finish casing and two year warranties, it’s fair to say that these great looking, minimalist style watches from Dstrct Wares are going to be ideally suited to those men after an entry level watch that doesn’t break the bank but looks the part nonetheless.

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