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It’s clear that a lot of men nowadays are heavily invested in the financial markets – both financially and mentally – and will want to be kept abreast of developments in any way possible. Well, it turns out there is one mighty unusual but undoubtedly cool looking work of art for doing exactly that in the shape of The Market by August & Wonder. This fantastically classy looking accessory gives you the opportunity to experience market drama at a glance and, in essence, it is a smart sculpture, that moves when money moves and is capable of tracking percentage change day over day with accuracy of up to 1/10%.

The Market from August & Wonder is an innovative creation that puts a whole new perspective on keeping track on your investments and does so in a visually impactful statue form. It is WIFI enabled and it is capable of tracking eleven global stock market indices and four cryptocurrencies so you’ll be pleased with the pretty comprehensive overview it offers to those with an interest in the financial markets.

Money Matters

Completely unique, you won’t see anything quite like August & Wonder’s The Market device anywhere out there when it comes keeping track of prevailing market conditions. It is a limited edition offering available for pre-order now so if you’ve liked what you’ve seen and want this interesting piece forming the focal point of your workspace, you’ll need to move quickly to get your hands on one, so don’t hang around.

The Market from August & Wonder has a bull and bear at either end of a balance and it uses these animals to represent when there are changes in the market in an enchanting and engaging way. This cracking, WIFI enabled statue symbolises the majesty and grace, risk and reward of the financial world in a way that will turn heads aplenty when they see it in your home or on your desk in the office and we’re big fans of its unusual design and performance here at Coolector HQ.

With a sort of steampunk aesthetic which will immediately draw the eye, this mesmerising piece of design is the sort of statement piece that really ties a workspace together and is the perfect piece for any financial whizz or follower of the markets. Boasting the soul of an analog construction but with connectivity of a state of the art device, The Market animates the financial markets in such an engaging way that is impossible to ignore.

Rare Object

Extremely limited in nature, only 300 are being made in this original run, there is a real air of exclusivity to The Market from August & Wonder and each piece purchased will come replete with its own production number and series identification so that it is entirely unique. Great to look at and wonderfully unique and useful, August & Wonder focuses on making striking statement pieces like The Market and their quality wares are unparalleled in the style stakes. The materials are second to none with a base that is made from New Guinea Rosewood and the metals are zinc and aluminimum plated in brass, copper and bronze.

Costing just $495 ($525 for the cordless version), this limited edition product is available for pre-ordering as we speak and with just 300 being made available, they’re not going to be hanging around on the shelves for long so make sure you don’t miss out. An engaging an innovative means of keeping track of cryptocurrencies and the financial markets, this is the sort of unusual design that we’re big fans of here at The Coolector.

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