Austin Eastciders

Though we spend a lot of time talking about craft ales here at Coolector HQ, we spend a lot of time drinking cider and there are few better thirst quenchers during the hot summer months. If you too are of a similar cider persuasion then you’ll join us in celebrating this mouth watering looking drop called Austin Eastciders which herald from Texas and have got us liking our lips at The Coolector.

Austin Eastciders operate out of, as the name suggests, Austin, Texas and they sell their fine wares across a large number of the fun-loving city’s finest watering holes. We love finding new ales to treat our tastebuds to and those from Austin Eastciders also sate our appetite for great branding and typography as well so its a definite win-win.

They aim to make old style ciders and use antique cider apple varieties, high in tannins and acids, to produce flavours that have not been prevalent in the USA since Prohibition and, in our eyes, they’ve made a great looking cider that is made in the right way. Check out a couple more shots of their tipples below:



Just looking at these ciders is making us want to decamp to a beer garden at the earliest available opportunity and if you like your ciders delicious, fantastically branded and uber-cool then you’ll find few better than Austin Eastciders to try over the next few months. A first rate tipple that will definitely hit the spot this summer. Now, to book a flight to Austin to sample it.

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