Autodromo Monoposto Chronograph Watches

The world of motor racing is an action packed and thrilling one, filled with engineering design features that definitely lends itself to watchmaking and there are few doing it better so far as automotive inspired timepieces are concerned than the guys at Autodromo – a fact well and truly born out by their latest collection, the stunning Monoposto Chronograph.


Autodromo focus on delivering small batches of top quality timepieces and you know you’re getting impeccable quality with each of their collections but their Monoposto series of chronograph watches really does represent an elevation in the calibre of their timepieces and they are breathtaking to say the least.

Motoring Marvel

The term ‘Monoposto’ is Italian for single seat and is used as the inspiration for this first class new collection of watches from Autodromo that recalls a simpler time in the world of Grand Prix racing, when the only data the driver had at their disposal was contained in a few oversized dials on the dash. It is these instruments which form the basis for the design of these magnificent Autodromo Monoposto Watches.



One of the most striking aesthetic features of these Monoposto Watches from Autodromo is inspired by how mechanics in the golden age of racing would often apply a strip of red tape, or a line of red paint on the glass of the rev counter, to ensure that the driver knew his engine’s limit at a glance – needless to say, this is no longer required in today’s race cars and is a nice touch for this timepiece.


This re-release of one of the watchmaker’s most iconic timepieces, which went on to become something of a cult classic in horology circles, is long overdue and for any man with a love of vintage racing and wonderfully well crafted watches, the Monoposto is the collection for you.

High End Specs

The calibre of the materials and the eye-catching features of these limited edition watches from Autodromo serve to add to their appeal still further and for any man after a watch that is going to turn heads aplenty, this is the one for you. Boasting a whole host of first class features which includes a Seiko NE88 Automatic column wheel chronograph movement, domed sapphire “redline” crystal glass, premium leather strap which is handmade in the USA and a 5ATM water resistance, you’ll be hard pressed to find such a well made watch for such an impressive price.



Limited to a mere 500 pieces, these Monoposto Watches from Autodromo aren’t going to hang around for long so any automotive aficionado out there with designs on getting their hands on one will have to move fast. Delivered in a special collector’s edition box, these are the sorts of watches that you cherish for a lifetime and with great quality craftsmanship and top class materials, it’s easy to see why they are already proving so popular.

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