Avacado Acres House

When it comes to architectural design of houses, there are some real heavy hitters out there who have helped shape the designs of many architects and designers who came after them and Joseph Eichler was one of the most influential in the 40s and 50s in the United States and it is after his eye-catching properties that this awesome looking Avacado Acres House from Lloyd Russel and Surfside Projects takes its design inspiration.

The Avocado Acres House doesn’t just take aesthetic inspiration from Eichler but also from Case Study Houses and the finished product is a retro looking style property that boasts just the sort of look and feel we love from a property here at The Coolector. The Avocado Acres House has that mid-century vibe that is incredibly popular at present and can be found in the glorious state of California where many of the properties that it takes its design lead from can also be found.

Sustainable Style

This magnificent looking structure doesn’t just rely on its aesthetic superiority, however, as it’s also sustainably designed to make sure its impact on the environment is minimised. It is situated in Encinitas, California, and is crafted in such a way so as to take advantage of the indoor/outdoor living space it is afforded by its striking and versatile U-shaped layout. Consisting of three pavilions, with each sharing a sloping curved roof and an outdoor courtyard space, each one looks out to the surrounding area and provides the indoor space with a real sense of being larger than it as by extending it into the outdoor space.

With bold, engaging angular lines defining the exterior of the Avocado Acres House in California, you’ll feel as though the structure is familiar to you straight away as it is so reminiscent of 40s and 50s architecture that was popularised across the United States at this time and the aesthetics – both externally and internally – are well and truly up our street here at The Coolector. It has a  tilted roof which gives way to the super cool clerestory windows, and, at the rear of the property, you’ll discover the equally as visually impactful curvilinear roofline.

Bright colours abound throughout the Avocado Acres House both on the inside (as you might expect from a retro style property) but also externally with a vibrant pop of yellow standing out on the front door of the house. On the inside, the interior design of this stunning property features various woods heavily and if you like a clean, open plan living space with plenty of bold, stylish furniture choices, then this is unquestionably the property for you.

Old School Cool

The 40s and 50s was a golden era of architecture in the United States and the properties developed by Joseph Eichler are amongst the most recognisable so its little wonder that houses like this Avocado Acres property use them as a catalyst for creating their own piece of architectural awesomeness.

California is one of our favourite parts of the world here at Coolector HQ and its because of stunning properties like this Avocado Acres House that we love it so much. Overflowing with retro style design features and one of the coolest, most vibrant interiors you’re likely to see in some time, this is a real winner in our book and we can’t wait to see what else the architects behind its creation come up with in the rest of 2017 and beyond.

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