AVI-8 Spitfire Type 300 Automatic Watches

We’re big fans of the aesthetic of aviation watches at The Coolector and there aren’t many watchmakers that do this style better than the guys at AVI-8. A fine example of this in action is the superb looking Spitfire Type 300 Automatic Watches which are available for pre-ordering now for the great price of just £350.

The AVI-8 Spitfire Type 300 Automatic Watches are designed as a tribute to the prototype Supermarine which was originally developed in 1934. Taking aesthetic inspiration from the lines, form, and design of the famed World WWII era fighter. AVI-8 have delivered a unique take on a stylish timepiece that draws from one of the most famous aircraft to have ever taken to the skies.

Robust & Adventure Ready

The Type 300 Spitfire Watch from AVI-8 is complete as a reliable, robust and effortlessly wearable field watch with clear aviation design credentials. In coming up with a watch that takes its visual cues from the Spitfire, AVI-8 has looked at both the obvious and more understated details of its design and fabrication, and purposively adds them into the fabric of this aviation inspired timepiece.

Boasting a 42mm diameter case which is shaped to follow the sophisticated, elliptical form of the Spitfire, the AVI-8 Type 300 Spitfire Watch (£350) is impressive right from the get-go. From lug to case body, from the top curve of the convex sapphire lens to the case back and flowing side profile, the Type 300 is an immediate form driven echo of the Spitfire.

The crown of this bold, uncompromising timepiece, with its bulbous shape, is a subtle nod to the propeller of the Spitfire and its hub as well. In designing the dial, the AVI-8 team looked immediately to the cockpit of the Spitfire.Taking the clear-cut legibility of the gauges and readouts of the aircraft, the Type 300 makes full use of the indexes, hands and layout as its primary blueprint of the dial.

Quality Movement, Top Class Performance

The Type 300 uses a custom modified Japanese made, 21 Jewels movement which is inspired by the reliable Miyota 8 series movement. IT uses just the kinetic power of the wearer’s wrist and the custom designed rotor spins to generate a power source that delivers an honest battery free experience.

The rotor itself is an expression of the skill of the team at AVI-8, who have carved out a unique birds-eye view silhouette of the Spitfire as an ever spinning reminder of the plane that has served as the inspiration for this classy timepiece. Viewed effortlessly through the exhibition see-through case back, the rotor, the movement and inner symphony of gears and wheels are a real sight to behold as they work together in harmony to power the watch. A must for any aviation enthusiast.

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