Bad Birdie Golf Apparel

It has been clear to see that over the last few years that the sport of golf has lost its somewhat stuffy image and embraced by younger generations and a reflection of this is the rise of more and more awesome brands creating apparel for golfers. One of the best we’ve come across so far at Coolector HQ is definitely that of Bad Birdie Golf Apparel and their stellar line up of vibrant, eye-catching golf tops which will turn heads aplenty out on the fairways and greens.

Bad Birdie Golf operate out of Los Angeles, California, and their sole objective is to produce the coolest looking polos in the sport of golf and, from what we’ve seen so far, they are definitely on the right track. They are aiming to put standout designs, patterns, and colours on the highest quality materials that they can find and they are going for the ideal combination of “Whoa this feels amazing” and “That’s a sick polo”. If you like to stand out from the crowd when playing golf, Bad Birdie are the brand for you.

Taking Risks

The guys at Bad Birdie Golf describe themselves as risk-takers and that’s patently clear the minute you lay eyes on their excellent line up of polos which are highly distinctive and unlike most of the apparel you see out on the course. They believe that whether it’s golf, business, or anything in life, you have to take risks because you never know what you’re made of until you go for it and they put this mantra into their design process to create some of the boldest and visually arresting golf polo shirts on the market.

Vibrants colours and style are becoming more and more regular on the fairways and they aren’t many brands more vibrant than that of Bad Birdie Golf Apparel and, despite being relative newcomers to the industry, they’ve already got twenty of so polos to choose from – each more eye-catching than the last. Some of our favourite offerings from Bad Birdie include the highly retro Too Cool For School Polo and the Hawaiian vibes Floral Patrol Polo – both of which will add a touch of visual vibrancy to your short and long game.

With prices for the Bad Birdie Golf Polos starting at just $72, they are great value for money because not only are you getting an unusual and super cool piece of apparel for the fairways and greens but these polos are the sort of clothing that is so cool that you’ll want to wear it away from the courses as well. With plenty of styles to choose from and something that will suit every style preference it’s easy to see why Bad Birdie are really beginning to make a name for themselves as they continue to shake up the golfing apparel industry.

Material Matters

There is a clear desire to create the best quality golf polos at Bad Birdie and that’s why they use a premium fabric that feels amazing whilst also providing a moisture-wicking performance which will be a godsend out on the course when the sun is beaming down.  Each one of the Bad Birdie Golf Polo Shirts is made with 100% polyester from Los Angeles, CA, and the sense of quality really is tangible.

If you’re planning to really get into your golf this spring and summer and really want to ramp things up a bit in the apparel department, Bad Birdie will definitely be right up your street. Their twenty or so polo shirts are some of the coolest we’ve encountered here at The Coolector and we can’t wait to see what new designs they come up with over the next twelve months and beyond.

Leo Davie